Friday, February 27, 2009

Just as 3 as 3 can be!

How can she be three?! My little girl. She still lets me put bows in her hair and loves to have Grandma paint her fingernails for a treat but she won't wear dresses and always has an opinion on just how her hair is done. We usually have to negotiate the day's outfit and often one of us isn't especially happy. Several times a day she asks to change into different clothes (mean Mommy says no) I've learned to take her with me when I go shopping or else plan on making returns. Just how does a three year old get so opinionated?

Paige's most important possesions are baby and bunny blanket. Everywhere we go she asks to take them along. Usually she gets to. (I guess I'm not that mean) We actually have four "Babies" but only one of them will do. I can mix them all up in a pile or switch them behind my back and every single time she can pick out the Baby. ($5 to whoever can tell us what the difference is!) The poor thing is faded with stuffing bunched up in all the wrong places and stains that just don't come out anymore. But she is loved. I'm actually really happy to see her attached to bunny blanket. During our long wait for her I saw the fabric in Hobby Lobby one day. Initially I didn't buy it because it has only blue/periwinkle in it. But I loved it and it kept coming back to me. I eventually decided that she didn't have to have absolutely everything in pink. It was one of the blankets we took to China but it wasn't until about a year ago that it became the blanket!

Still so dependant and yet becoming more independent every day. I love watching her little brain at work and seeing her changing before my eyes. She's smart as a whip, obstinate and have I mentioned opinionated? A huge fan of Word World and Sponge Bob but love, love, loves her books too. I love my little girl! I love dressing her all up when we go out and I've learned to love not dressing her up too. I know how beautiful she is so it matters little to me what anyone else thinks anymore! Such an amazing child she is. I'm only a little afraid of the next 15 years!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!


Jill said...

Happy Birthday baby girl!! We miss her, and all of you SO much!! I can't believe she is 3, and that you have been gone a year. Enjoy her birthday, give her a huge hug and kiss from us! And just enjoy these moments. As you know, they go by way to fast, and nothing we do can slow it down! So just SAVOR all of it!!! Love to all of you!

Jill said...

It truly is hard to believe that she is already 3! She is such a cute little girl! Happy Birthday Paige!

Bailey said...

Happy Birthday! Wow, these little girls are growing so quickly, and becoming more and more independent. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to our long-awaited and very loved, precious, beautiful granddaughter!!

Nana and Papa