Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Breaking News!


Wrap the house in caution tape, put up quarantine signs, the flu is here. I knew we couldn't dodge the bullet indefinitely (though it would have been nice). After Trace's soccer game on Saturday he was saying that his muscles hurt and within an couple of hours he was running a temperature. Sunday night that temp reached 104.9! Overall he seems to be doing pretty well now. I'm watching his cough closely though and he'll be missing the whole week of school. Please say a prayer that Caden doesn't get it but if he does that it is AFTER his game Saturday. This will be the biggest game of the season against the only other undefeated team!

Monday, October 26, 2009

A Day of Pumpkin Patches...

Thursday was a busy day. Paige's preschool class went on their annual trip to the pumpkin patch. In the Spring they plant the pumpkins and in the Fall they harvest them. I was all set to go since it was Paige's first field trip and I've always gone to all of the boy's. Then her high school tutor came in one day specifically to meet me and tell me how she had rushed home on a break to have her mom sign the permission slip. She wanted to make sure she had the chance to go with Paige and not someone else. As I stood there listening I just kept thinking how that meant I couldn't go. Paige would most likely ignore one of us and I knew it was probably going to be me. I also couldn't break her tutor's heart by saying that I was going. So rather than tag along and look like the parent that just can't let go I left her with a hug and a bit of sadness to go on her first field trip without me. So who's having the separation anxiety? But she's my baby!

A couple of our neighbors have their kids in a really small home preschool and they were planning a field trip to the huge local farm. We had already decided as a family that at $8 per person it was too much money. Then one of these friends asked if we'd like to go with their group for only $4 per child. It was at 11:15 and they were pulling their older kids out of school to go. So after picking Paige up from her field trip at 11, we headed over to the other farm. The older kids all thought it was really cool to be getting out of school and didn't even seem to notice they were surrounded by preschoolers! The school office was pretty funny about the three of us moms pulling a total of 8 kids out of class at the same time for no apparent reason! The weather cooperated and all the dads made it too, all in all a really fun time.

Paige was actually willing to touch the goats this year! Last year she just screamed the whole time.

The hay pyramid is always one of their favorites.

"It should be about thiiiis big, mom."

The Blazers!

Well it finally happened! After practicing hard and several events leading up to it, the unicycle team performed during a Blazer half time show. The kids were all so excited and more than ready. We drove one vehicle load of them over to the show (my parents and Caden and Chris met us there later) and they all had butterflies. It turned out great though with no noticeable mistakes.

Trace is exactly center court with the blue helmit.

After the performance the unicyclers joined us in the audience for the rest of the game. They were still all bubbling with excitement.

Of course it was a long day/night for them. We knew it would be 11ish before we were home but wanted to take full advantage of the experience for both the boys. By the end of the game they were practically asleep in their seats. The next morning everyone was late to school!

Happy #11 Trace!

I'm not too sure when it happened let alone how it happened, but it would seem that my baby boy, is no more. That cute little bundle that made me a mother in 1998 is growing up - and quite nicely. By next year he'll be as tall as me or taller and I'd like to say he's catching up with me in weight, but unfortunately I'm managing to stay just enough ahead of him on that! Trace is a good kid. Almost always willing to help out, polite and caring. He often thinks of others before himself. I'm so glad that he still wants me around and is willing to talk to me about most anything! We love you lots Trace and are so very proud of you.
A few days before his actual birthday he invited two friends and we took them to Taco Bell for dinner then on to play video games for an hour. They all had fun and Trace was so happy that it was finally his birthday.
On his birthday we had Nana, Papa, Grandma and Aunt Chris over for cake. Unfortunately we found out just before school got out that Rick had been called into work. So, Dad wasn't there which made a big hole for Trace who was very disappointed. It turned out ok though and for the most part he had a great birthday.

Trace chose gooey-butter cake this year (which we were all happy about)!

Caden made his own fun. :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

And a good morning to you!

It was a nice leisurely Sunday morning in bed. The kids were downstairs fighting about everything playing beautifully together. I was counting the minutes in my head until I had no choice but to get up or be late. Suddenly our vicious bobcat sweet, timid kitty, who had been sleeping on our headboard, was spooked or lost her footing and landed scratching and clawing on Rick's head! Yes, his head while he was trying to sleep and tune out the sweet children downstairs. I caught part of it out of the corner of my eye and knew right away it wasn't going to be pretty. Once he pulled his hand away we were able to get the blood partially cleared away and see the damage. Let's just say I'm sparing you the pictures for a reason! A little stronger and he might have lost his earlobe! She got him from the side of his head all the way out to the edge of the earlobe and probably about half way through. There were also three long scratches (about 5 inches) down his chest, one about the same length on his neck and another smaller one on his arm! The blood was definitely flowing. In the end it was determined that he should probably go in to have it checked out. A tetanus booster, antibiotic, lots of cleaning and gobs of medical glue later he finally arrived home with minutes to spare before we had to run back out to Caden's football game.
So, how was your morning?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Not Me

This last week I did not let dishes pile up in the sink until we couldn't even get water out of the tap. Not me I would never create more work for myself in that way. I certainly would not buy a donation for the school at a discount store then put the "compare at" price down instead of the price I actually paid. I'm not that cheap. The caramel apples I made for the family did not get consumed mostly by myself and mostly in hiding - I am just not that selfish. I also did not wash two rugs then hang them out to dry only to forget they were out there until after it rained on them all night. And finally, I did not take the above picture of my darling daughter when she was clearly protesting simply because I wanted to preserve that perfect whiny face for future yearbooks - I'm not like that!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Oh, what a glorius day...

A beautiful Fall day for watching kids games! Look at those trees in the background!

Ok, now quit looking at the trees and look at the terrific kid instead! That's the designated "kicker" whenever there is a goal kick or penalty kick. He's getting pretty good too with that lead foot of his. (The fact that it is now a size 8 men's foot might have something to do with it too!) The best part of the morning though was that THEY WON!!! Yes, they really did win - by two points! First win of the season. Apparently the other team had never won a game either and it showed. We all had a really good laugh at one point when the other team kicked the ball past our goalie and their player followed it right up to the line. He had a totally free shot and instead of kicking it over the line his foot went over the ball and he fell on it! The poor kid, he should of had the goal. I definitely felt for him but man it was funny!
Trace took a really good wack in the face but managed to get up and keep going. He didn't let much past today. Well, one but we don't need to talk about that! :)
Then we had Caden's game...
It looked a little daunting at first. (Caden is number 40 in black and white)
We needn't have worried though. By half time we were up enough points that our coaches were forced to "let" the other team score. Apparently they had been told "no more shut-outs". So, they started putting kids in different positions. Caden even got to run the ball a couple of times!

Here he is getting the hand off - on the far right.

His favorite position though is safety. He's pretty good at it too. (Far right)

At one point the other team fumbled and Caden landed on the ball! Whoo-hoo! (again on the far right)
This is a common scene at Caden's games. It is usually in the first play where we have possesion. I'm not intending to brag but I guess some of the other coaches aren't too happy with our coaches. Not sure why - they are just doing their job - really well.

Um, this was half time.
We didn't score again. I guess we wern't allowed to. The kids didn't know that but the coaches started running stupid plays and trying to let the other team score. It was apparent by the last quarter that we couldn't even give this team points. Then came the play where the other team looked like they just might actually get a touchdown. That is until their player ran right into the back of one of his team mates, tripping and falling. He had gained about 3 or 4 yards. I laughed so hard I was tearing up! Not at the kids - at the situation. Our coaches were literally scratching there heads trying to figure out what else they could do!

Seeing the smile on Caden's face afterward was the best part of the game though!

Monday, October 05, 2009

Not me Monday!

I did not steam clean my carpet in the same place three times only to still have dirty water coming up! Not around here because I have an immaculate house. I wouldn't have paid to get into Caden's football game with nickles, dimes and quarters I dug out of the car - yes, I have to pay to watch him play! I also never would have lost Trace's glasses at his soccer game when I folded up my chair forgetting they were in the cup holder. Of course those same glasses also couldn't have later been found on a nearby picnic table (because I never would have lost them!). I never would have bought my daughter's Christmas gift at Value Village - let alone be proud of it! Nope, not me. Strictly a boutique shopper here. And finally, I would NEVER lie to my children! I wouldn't fathom telling Trace he is really good at math while silently thinking the poor kid got my math genes! Nor would I ever tell him that, "I'd love to hear him practice his trumpet!" Because he is getting so good after four whole weeks. Pure honesty around this house!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Sometimes you just get it right.

Trace has been through a lot. A lot of moves and readjustments that is. He's pretty adaptable but he is also still a kid. Our last move was, by far, the hardest on him. I thought that returning to family and familiarity would make it easier but - not so much.
Thursday evening I picked him up from soccer practice. When I pulled up he and a friend were sitting and chatting. He came running over to the car and asked if the friend could ride home on the bus the next day. When I said sure they were both all grins. On our way home we had the following conversation:
T: "I am just so happy."
Me: "You are?"
T: "Yeah, when we moved out here it was really, really hard. But now I know people, I have friends and I'm just really comfortable here. I'm just really happy!"
Me: "Good. That's all we want Buddy."

I haven't been able to shake that conversation from my mind. There are a lot of things that might have happened that would have altered that conversation. Fortunately, the right choices were made and the result is one genuinely happy kid.