Monday, October 26, 2009

The Blazers!

Well it finally happened! After practicing hard and several events leading up to it, the unicycle team performed during a Blazer half time show. The kids were all so excited and more than ready. We drove one vehicle load of them over to the show (my parents and Caden and Chris met us there later) and they all had butterflies. It turned out great though with no noticeable mistakes.

Trace is exactly center court with the blue helmit.

After the performance the unicyclers joined us in the audience for the rest of the game. They were still all bubbling with excitement.

Of course it was a long day/night for them. We knew it would be 11ish before we were home but wanted to take full advantage of the experience for both the boys. By the end of the game they were practically asleep in their seats. The next morning everyone was late to school!

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