Thursday, March 23, 2006

Our Life...

Ok, so I decided to give you all a little look at our world! This is the ladnscape we see every single day on the way to Trace's school. It isn't very exciting. I actually like the cloudy days because I can look off in the distance at the clouds on the horizon and imagine they are mountains! Pretty pathetic huh? Hopefully once the corn starts to grow it will look a little better. Trace started rollerblading lessons last Friday and he is having a blast practicing here at home! Caden of course couldn't be out done and is doing his best to keep up with brother!
Someone on the July Dragonflies group is making buttons that say "No news, don't ask", or something like that. I think I'll order a couple. That pretty much sums up the information from China for now!

Both boys skating on the back patio. Posted by Picasa

Trace and his new rollerblades. Posted by Picasa

Caden and his new roller blades. Posted by Picasa

And you think Battle Ground is small? This is our official downtown. Posted by Picasa

The library and one of the old water towers. Posted by Picasa

Pulling into Trace's school to pick him up. Posted by Picasa

Ok, for those of you who've never been in the midwest. That is an actual tornado warning siren. We pass it on the way to school every day. Posted by Picasa

See that little 'bump' way off in the distance? That would be a 'hill' around here. It MIGHT be 15 ft. high. Posted by Picasa

Here we are heading to school. Posted by Picasa


When we were home a few weeks ago everyone told me that they want more pictures. Well, hopefully this will satisfy most of you!

This is where Trace was while Caden was out working! Posted by Picasa

He worked really hard for about 1/2 hour before proudly showing us and then asking if he had done enough to earn any money!  Posted by Picasa

After overhearing Rick's offer to pay Trace for helping to shovel the driveway, Caden took it upon himself to go out back and shovel the back patio.  Posted by Picasa

Snow in MARCH! I think Caden is the only one still excited. He tried in vain to pick up my Sunday paper for me! Posted by Picasa

My Knight in Shining Armor! Caden bought this treasured costume with the Valentine money Aunt Kim sent. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Today has been a real downer! My parents had to have Huey put to sleep this morning - great way to start the day. He was a fifteen year old Himilayan, we used to call him a marshmellow because he was so fluffy and mellow. Trace took the news pretty well even though he loved Huey dearly. Caden on the other hand completely fell apart! I was really surprised by his reaction and didn't expect it at all. We will all miss him a lot. By-the-way, Nana, Caden wants to know when you are getting a new 'titty'.

The other bummer is that the rumors are starting to appear on the boards. Last month I swore I would not look at anything until it was our turn. Now here I am checking the rumor lady twice a day (ok, maybe a little more than that!) The worst rumor out there is that two Spanish agencies have indicated that referrals will only go through the end of May. Last month they went through I think the 26th of May. Everyone is really hoping they go well into June, but the rumors aren't very promising. I KNOW they are just rumors, but it is really hard not to think about 'what-if' they are true(?).
On a good note, we had Trace's 3rd quarter teacher conference. He just missed straight A's by one point! English was his lowest score and that is probably because he tries to hurry through his work and misses pretty basic stuff. We are awfully proud of him though! His teacher also showed us the book he has written. It is a Star Wars story that he created, wrote and illustrated. According to Mrs. Chase several of the boys in the class are anxious to read his story! Once she sends it home I'll try to get it on here.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Just call me Suzie Homemaker!

We are supposed to get snow today anywhere from 1-6 inches depending on which newscast you listen to! So Caden and I have been home all day keeping warm. He has a fort built in my dining room - what else is that room for anyway? I just 'cooked' him a pork roast before we blasted off. Guess I'm back on earth now though! I have a Turkey breast in the crock pot and it smells sooo good. Trace asked me last night if I would make an apple pie. I told him I had never done that before but maybe I could try. He suggested I give Grandma a call and get her recipe because she makes them all the time. It was hard not to laugh and tell him the truth. Instead I did just what he suggested and had Rick pick up a Mrs. Smiths at the grocery store! (Thanks for the recipe Sharon!) Rick got off early today to avoid the maniacs on the freeway with snow during rush hour. He and Trace should be home any minute.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I guess everyone wants pictures!

We took a very quick, surprise trip to Vancouver last weekend. We left on Wednesday night on the 8:15 flight. Unfortunately the plane didn't actually depart from O'Hare until midnight. Every time I fly standby alone with kids SOMEthing goes wrong! The good part was that they fell asleep and had no idea what was going on.
We had a great visit with mostly family. Trace and I went to visit Firm Foundation (his old school). It was a bittersweet visit. Everyone was so happy to see Trace and he just seemed to light up, but it was tough to say goodbye. I miss all of you so much!!! Caden got to stop in at his pre-school too. Unfortunately it wasn't a school day so he missed everyone except Miss Rhonda! He was excited about the visit though. I got to spend a whole afternoon by myself shopping! It was a much needed break and I had so much fun.
Last month's referrals came in and they only went through May 25. We are now starting to see the beginning of rumors for this month. Of course we are hoping they do all or most of June, but we just won't know until they arrive. Typically that is around the end of the month, so another couple weeks probably. You can be sure I will post as soon as I know anything! Right now best case senerio for us is a late April referral, worst case is maybe the end of June.
I hope to get some new pictures posted later today or tomorrow!

The border we put in Caden's room. Posted by Picasa

My newly decorated laundry room. Posted by Picasa

Trace and Tigger. Posted by Picasa

Trace and Caden swinging in the basement! Posted by Picasa