Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Today has been a real downer! My parents had to have Huey put to sleep this morning - great way to start the day. He was a fifteen year old Himilayan, we used to call him a marshmellow because he was so fluffy and mellow. Trace took the news pretty well even though he loved Huey dearly. Caden on the other hand completely fell apart! I was really surprised by his reaction and didn't expect it at all. We will all miss him a lot. By-the-way, Nana, Caden wants to know when you are getting a new 'titty'.

The other bummer is that the rumors are starting to appear on the boards. Last month I swore I would not look at anything until it was our turn. Now here I am checking the rumor lady twice a day (ok, maybe a little more than that!) The worst rumor out there is that two Spanish agencies have indicated that referrals will only go through the end of May. Last month they went through I think the 26th of May. Everyone is really hoping they go well into June, but the rumors aren't very promising. I KNOW they are just rumors, but it is really hard not to think about 'what-if' they are true(?).
On a good note, we had Trace's 3rd quarter teacher conference. He just missed straight A's by one point! English was his lowest score and that is probably because he tries to hurry through his work and misses pretty basic stuff. We are awfully proud of him though! His teacher also showed us the book he has written. It is a Star Wars story that he created, wrote and illustrated. According to Mrs. Chase several of the boys in the class are anxious to read his story! Once she sends it home I'll try to get it on here.

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