Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I guess everyone wants pictures!

We took a very quick, surprise trip to Vancouver last weekend. We left on Wednesday night on the 8:15 flight. Unfortunately the plane didn't actually depart from O'Hare until midnight. Every time I fly standby alone with kids SOMEthing goes wrong! The good part was that they fell asleep and had no idea what was going on.
We had a great visit with mostly family. Trace and I went to visit Firm Foundation (his old school). It was a bittersweet visit. Everyone was so happy to see Trace and he just seemed to light up, but it was tough to say goodbye. I miss all of you so much!!! Caden got to stop in at his pre-school too. Unfortunately it wasn't a school day so he missed everyone except Miss Rhonda! He was excited about the visit though. I got to spend a whole afternoon by myself shopping! It was a much needed break and I had so much fun.
Last month's referrals came in and they only went through May 25. We are now starting to see the beginning of rumors for this month. Of course we are hoping they do all or most of June, but we just won't know until they arrive. Typically that is around the end of the month, so another couple weeks probably. You can be sure I will post as soon as I know anything! Right now best case senerio for us is a late April referral, worst case is maybe the end of June.
I hope to get some new pictures posted later today or tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

I love the boarder!! I can't believe hos busy you have been and how much you have gotton done. It all looks to see pictures!! Jen