Sunday, March 28, 2010

I saw this once in a dream...

I really did have a dream once of a little girl with long, straight hair sitting on the floor playing! Funny how those little snapshots into life can actually happen. The trick is to be paying attention when they do! This sort of took my breath away almost immediately, so of course I ran for the camera!

When I asked Paige what she'd wanted for her birthday but hadn't gotten her reply never changed, "a color hair changing Moxie girl!" Um, okaaay. So I started looking into them. I waffled back and forth a lot between, "they look too much like Bratz" which I refuse to allow and "they are supposed to be young girls and they are trying to promote the right image." In the end, whether because I finally decided to accept and agree with their message or (more likely) because I was just too tired of debating it, I caved and let her use her birthday money to buy one. I'm still not 100% convinced that I like them, but Paige is! She loves her new doll and wants to carry her everywhere. We've spent a few minutes the last two nights "painting" her hair pink and orange with some glitter high lights. She is actually very careful and precise with it. I asked her tonight if she was going to do hair like Aunt Kim someday? Her response? "Yeah, probably." Little stinker.

Paige's new ride...

Little Miss has been using her brother's old car seats. Fortunately they have worked well! Unfortunately she has used them past their expirations. If she only had a short time left in a car seat I likely wouldn't have invested in a new one. However, since she is still all of 27 lbs, I think it is well worth the investment! If she continues growing at the same rate she has over the past three years then she will be 11 before she outgrows the harness in this one! It will convert to a booster at an appropriate age/weight also.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A four year old and a pen...

Need I say more?

(oh yeah and the orthodontist is going to make a mint off us!)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The first day of spring!

Another gorgeous day here (the last for a while though)! I coached Caden's soccer game in the morning - to another rip roaring loss (who thought I could coach anyway?). Then the kids and I went to Costco and on the way out had a churro and berry smoothie. We ran home and put stuff away then left for Trace's soccer pictures and game in the last afternoon. Ran into a few old friends durning the day which was nice. True to his nature, Caden found a new friend at Trace's game so he and Paige were busy playing at the playground in the sunshine. Trace on the other hand was busy playing goalie for the first time ever! A little mouse sent an email to his coach letting her know he was interested but afraid to ask - no idea how that happened. So they put him in the box for two practices and then for half of the game yesterday. I'd love to say he rocked out there but, well he needs more practice. There were only about 4 shots against him that he actually had to block and two of those made it past him but his hands actually had the ball initially. He should have dropped on it, but it was a great learning experience! The other shot he didn't stand a chance on. Overall it was a good experience and I think with some more practice he might actually be pretty good at it.

A little last minute coaching and practice.
Suiting up. Getting lessons from the previous goalie.
Paige and Caden just had fun enjoying the sunshine.

Spring is trying to arrive...

Seems like we get a couple nice days followed by a couple yucky days. Can't complain though when the nice days are as beautiful as they have been! The kids playing outside, plenty of fresh air and warm sunshine!

Sparky Day!

Sparky came to preschool again this year. He visited when Trace was there too - must be a pretty old Leprechaun! So, Sparky causes all kinds of mischief. He turns tables and chairs on end then leaves his footprints on them. He sprinkles "Sparky Dust" (which looks suspiciously like gold glitter) everywhere he goes. He took all the kids coats and hung them on the fence outside, left golden rocks all over the playground, took all the song cards and generally made it a fun day for the kids! Paige was nervous the whole time that he might actually show up in person though.

On Tuesday (going back a day) I went head-to-head with an eleven year old at Trace's soccer practice. The top of his head hit the entire right side of my face. We are pretty sure I blacked out for a couple of seconds since I don't remember actually hitting him or falling - just going toward him and then sitting on the ground. I jumped right back up and convinced everyone I was fine then continued playing for a half hour. My face was numb, hurting severely, I could taste the blood in my mouth and my lip was already swelling by the time we got home. On Wednesday I had a pretty fat lip with horrible bruising inside my upper and lower lips, a VERY sore face and a bad headache. So I decided to go in and get checked out. I was told that I probably had a mild concussion! Criminy! I think I'm too short to be scrimmaging 11 year old boys who's heads are the same level as mine!

ANYWAY, all that leads to the fact that I wasn't really up to fixing an Irish dinner Wednesday night. So we opted to go out (where I ordered soup) instead. Rick and I spent much of the evening shaking our heads at the weirdness of eleven year old boys. I've been told it gets worse for a couple years before getting better - heaven help us! Trace came home from school with a big green smily face on his forehead. When Rick asked what that was all about Trace told us that everyone was worried about getting pinched during PE when they are required to wear white t-shirts and black shorts. So they all pulled out their Crayolas and scribbled all over their arms and faces! Holy cow - are you kidding me? Needless to say we went out to dinner and wandered the mall with our child looking like that! What a dork! The picture below I took in the mall (when he was irritated with me taking pictures) so it is dark and a bit fuzzy but it gives you the idea. Maybe I should start a book on the goofy things eleven year old boys do?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Yep, it's soccer season again...

Between the cleats, shin guards, balls, water bottles, thermal shirts, socks, jerseys, shorts/sweats, blankets, boots, mud and umbrellas I kind of feel like my life has been taken over (along with my entryway, laundry room and Suburban!). But it is all good when I watch my boys play and know how much they love it!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Not me Monday!

I did not allow our laundry pile to build up long enough that Trace would stand atop it and proclaim, "it's a laundry mountain!" Nope, I stay on top of that stuff around here. It also isn't possible that our children had taken over our bathroom to the point that I had to officially evict them this week. No sir we know who's in charge around here! But most importantly it is completely impossible that I would have poured Draino down the bathtub and then left it there assuming that Trace would wash it down during his morning shower tomorrow. If I had done that though then I certainly would have remembered before telling Caden he could take a bath in it. Otherwise he might push down the drain and fill the tub with out rinsing it, thereby taking a bath in (heavily diluted) Draino and forcing me to make my third (or fourth, I've lost count) call to Poison Control for Caden in his lifetime! Nope, stuff like that just doesn't happen around here. Never. Cause if it did I'm not dumb enough to blog about it and tell the world!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Band Concert

Trace had his second band concert on Tuesday night. They have definitely improved by leaps and bounds since Fall! Naturally the fifth graders were up first but since Trace wanted the extra credit for helping to dismantle we want to teach our children that it is polite to listen to everyone, we stayed through to the end. Some friends (and neighbors) also stayed and all the childrengoofed around and giggled uncontrollably over several pieces of scotch tape sat and listened intently. I attempted to get a couple of good pictures but came to the conclusion that 1) it just wasn't happening and 2) the gym lights make everything look green! So I gave up and just played with the camera then lumped the pictures into a collage for you all. It turned out to be a fun evening and I'm actually pretty happy with one of the pictures I took (the one above of Trace's hands folded over his trumpet case).

(click on the collage to enlarge it)

Snack Time

Caden LOVES pumpkin pie! So when the new grocery store had them for $.98 I couldn't pass up the deal. After it sat on the counter for several days half eaten I told an incredulous Caden to just finish it up! He couldn't believe his luck and enjoyed every last bite!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Where have I been?

Silly cousins having fun together!

Criminy, it's been a while hasn't it? Well, we have been finishing up basketball and starting up soccer. Both boys decided to play so we now have practice three nights a week and two games every Saturday! Tonight we have added in a band concert too to keep it interesting. Then on Fridays I am now helping to teach the challenge math group for Caden's grade level. Throw in four mornings of work and I'm feeling a little busy! I haven't taken any pictures in weeks it seems like - it's just not right! Maybe I'll take the camera to the concert tonight and try for a good one (or two).

So, for now, I'm off to get dinner ready before picking Trace up from soccer and racing home so he can shower and get back to the school in a half an hour's time. It should be fun...