Sunday, March 21, 2010

The first day of spring!

Another gorgeous day here (the last for a while though)! I coached Caden's soccer game in the morning - to another rip roaring loss (who thought I could coach anyway?). Then the kids and I went to Costco and on the way out had a churro and berry smoothie. We ran home and put stuff away then left for Trace's soccer pictures and game in the last afternoon. Ran into a few old friends durning the day which was nice. True to his nature, Caden found a new friend at Trace's game so he and Paige were busy playing at the playground in the sunshine. Trace on the other hand was busy playing goalie for the first time ever! A little mouse sent an email to his coach letting her know he was interested but afraid to ask - no idea how that happened. So they put him in the box for two practices and then for half of the game yesterday. I'd love to say he rocked out there but, well he needs more practice. There were only about 4 shots against him that he actually had to block and two of those made it past him but his hands actually had the ball initially. He should have dropped on it, but it was a great learning experience! The other shot he didn't stand a chance on. Overall it was a good experience and I think with some more practice he might actually be pretty good at it.

A little last minute coaching and practice.
Suiting up. Getting lessons from the previous goalie.
Paige and Caden just had fun enjoying the sunshine.

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