Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Having a daughter …

Sometimes brings the simplest of joys. Tonight as I was cleaning up the kitchen Paige appeared asking for ice cream. I told her when I was done cleaning up I would get her some. Do you know what that girl said? “Can I help you, Mommy?” Usually I am too hurried, too tired, to whatever and tell her no (I know, I know I should always let her), but tonight I decided to let her help. So I got out the stainless steel cleaner and told her I had a big job and I could only let her do it if she was really responsible. Of course her little eyes lit up as she assured me she could handle it! So I got down on the floor and showed her what the “grain” is in the stainless on the dishwasher. Then she got to work. She did a fabulous job! What was most amazing to me though was that when she moved to the fridge she noticed on her own that the grain went the opposite direction! Rick was impressed when she demonstrated what the grain was on the stove (and that it went the same way as the dishwasher!).


When she had finished and had her ice cream she went to watch a show while I mopped. When a commercial came on I asked her if she wanted me to fast forward it for her. Well, little Miss. Big says, “No, I’ll do it.” And she did. The things she knows just never cease to amaze me!


There are many, MANY days that I wonder what on Earth we were thinking to want a daughter so much! But it only takes a one tiny moment for that huge wave of love to wash over me and remind me how blessed I am. My little girl is beautiful, smart, loving, and carefree. People tell me all the time that they wish they could just squeeze her because she is so cute. You know what? I GET TO! Every. Single. Day. And not because she is cute, but because I love her so much!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Caden and Paige got out all of our Playdough yesterday. I asked them to sort through it and toss out whatever they didn't use anymore - which is actually all of it but they would disagree with me on that. Once they had it sorted they decided it needed to be played with - of course.

So, while they were busy with that, I was a tad busy doing a few other things.
Uh, ahem, cough, cough... yes this was my house.
I posted these for all the world to see for two reasons. 1. To make you all feel better about the way your own house may look. You're welcome. 2. Because I'm quite proud of the end result. Which I'll get a picture of tomorrow.

As has become our new tradition, we celebrated Thanksgiving on a different day. Rick has had to work every year so we just pick another day and it works out great. Except when you have a job, a husband out of town, three bickering kids and a house that looks like, um well that! Somehow or other I managed to get it all done though! By last night the laundry was washed, folded and put away, dishes done, counters cleared, and the floors were picked up and vacuumed. Then this happened...

Yeah, 2am, 4:23am, 7am, and I lost count of how many time after that. I was up washing sheets bathing her (no one tells you about vomit getting in little girl's hair!), and generally cleaning up the aftermath for about 20 minutes each time. Then, because I knew how much I had going on the next morning (Thanksgiving was at our house) I couldn't get back to sleep for a while. So essentially I got very little sleep!

Thanksgiving turned out beautiful though! Everyone made it, the food was fabulous - as always, and Paige even manage to rally for the afternoon!