Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Happy, happy birthday baby!

Our little girl is a year old! She didn't have the best day since she didn't sleep all night then had today's nap cut short! It wasn't until after 3:00 that I discovered a new tooth about to break through, no wonder she was a bit irritable! After some tylenol, anbesol, and a bottle she was a new person. Our neighbors (the Newton's) stopped by for a piece of cake and helped it to feel a little more festive around here. It was anawfully quiet birthday though.
It is hard to explain, but there is a cetain connection between her birth mother and I that is impossible to ignore on this important day. I felt like I needed to do something and yet I really wanted it to remain personal (between me and her other mother - figuratively). So this morning I lit a candle and let it burn all day until it burnt itself out. I pray that where ever she is tonight that God will give her peace in her heart. That she will know her baby girl is safe and loved!


wonder what's up here." Posted by Picasa
"Where's my cake, Daddy?"
(She spent 10 minutes working really hard to get all the way up to the top step then pull herself upright. She wasn't too happy when we took her down!) Posted by Picasa

Fun with gifts...

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Having her cake and eating it too...

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Playing with Daddy

Paige is definately a Daddy's girl. She lights up when he gets home and wants to be right by him all evening. She spent about ten minutes the other day walking back and forth between Rick and the couch and giggling the whole time. Posted by Picasa

Hidin' out

She got herself stuck under the coffee table while checking out Caden's weapon stockpile! Posted by Picasa

Relaxing morning...

Paige enjoys her morning bottle reclined in her high chair! At least there is one good reason for that recline feature! Posted by Picasa

Monday, February 19, 2007

Gung Hao Fat Choi! (Happy New Year)
We took the kids to their first Chinese New Year parade in Chicago's Chinatown yesterday. A friend of Trace's from school and his family met us there and the kids had a blast together. The boys were convinced it was going to be horribly boring but as soon as the first dragon appeared Caden was hooked! It was pretty cold (in the low 20's) and there were about 5000 more people there than I'd expected, but a good time was had by all. Afterward we bucked tradition and went out for Mexican! There was no one in the entire restaurant besides us and one other family. We decided we'll do Chinese on Cinco de Mayo! Posted by Picasa

Friday, February 16, 2007

Three months already...

The day before Valentine's Day marked three months since Paige was placed in our arms. Tuesday (the 20th) will be three months since the first picture was taken. The second picture we took today (the 16th). I knew she was getting bigger but WOW! This little dress is, I think, the only thing I've paid full price for. I realized today that it wasn't going to fit much longer and she had only worn it the one time in China. I couldn't believe that her chunky little thighs were below the hem of the dress! I also couldn't believe how chunky those little thighs have gotten! She is an amazing little girl and we are so blessed to have her in our family. She is taking some steps on her own but still really prefers to crawl. Caden can make her laugh just by running almost every time. She loves, loves, loves her fruit! Grilled cheese, pizza crust and chicken nuggets have replaced congee and steamed egg in her diet. She sleeps all night almost every night, but still needs a little help from our friend Benedryl. Broccli is her favorite veggie, much to Daddy's deight. She has changed our lives in so many was we can't even explain! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Pilcher Park

Caden's pre-school had a field trip today to Pilcher park. I debated going because it was so cold, but in the end my curiosity won out. I've only read about making maple syrup in Little House on the Prairie books so I was pretty excited to actually see it! Caden was excited too because it had to do with one of his favorite foods - syrup! They served us lunch of pancakes and sausage and we met the turtles, snakes, fish and a red hawk with a partially amputated wing from being hit by a truck. Then we went out to see how they make the syrup and on a little nature hike. Caden did awsome on the hike because he was nice and warm, half the kids wimped out! It was quite a day and Caden is dying to take Trace and Rick back to show them - maybe when it warms up enough for the sap to actually run! Posted by Picasa
Caden had a ton of fun with all the snow, especially eating it! He was one of only two kids dressed appropriately! The bucket behind him is hanging ready to catch the sap if it ever warms up above freezing around here! Posted by Picasa
This is the large boiling vat. The sap runs in from a tank outside (that is actually a jet fuel tank that was never used for fuel). It comes down that pipe in the upper right and into the first pan. From there it goes through each section until it reaches the bottom right. The inside of the sugar shack was silled with steam and smelled like a camp fire! Posted by Picasa
The final result is the dark amber colored maple syrup! Posted by Picasa
 Posted by Picasa
 Posted by Picasa
Caden thought it was pretty cool to touch the turtles. He wants to work there someday so he can hold them. Posted by Picasa
This was the area they had the turtles in and the one bullfrog who thinks he is a turtle. He has never tried to jump out of the pen despite being fully able to! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The "blizzard" of 2007

Rick shoveled the snow from in front of the garage into this pile for Trace. So he has been attemptingto build an igloo (although Caden thinks it's Yoda's house).
I have no idea how much we've actually gotten today because it is blowing so much that you can't measure it accurately. They predicted 4-9 inches and I'd guess we are on the high end of that. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Look at me!!!


This is Paige's new favorite activity...

She gets under the kitchen table and one by one pushes all the chairs out as far as she can. Then she leaves them to go dump games out from the shelf behind the couch (that would be Caden's new card game all over the floor inthe picture!) Posted by Picasa

Ok, now THIS is cold!

I noticed ice on the inside hinges of our front door last weekend! Upon further investigation I realized there was daylight showing through and a lot of cold (frigid) air comming in. My solution? Duct tape, of course! Posted by Picasa
 Posted by Picasa

Trace and Paige building a fort.

 Posted by Picasa

What a pretty baby!

Even though she has bedhead, this picture really shows how much her hair has gown. I especially love the long, little wisps of bangs! Posted by Picasa