Saturday, November 25, 2006

The first leg of our journey is finally over...

For those who weren't able to follow our trip on the other blog here is the abbreviated version in pictures...
Leaving for O'Hare 7am 11-09-06 Posted by Picasa
A journey of thousands of miles Posted by Picasa
New friends Tom and Diana! Posted by Picasa
In Tianmen Square in front of the Olympic count down clock Posted by Picasa
Worth all the wait! Posted by Picasa
Getting to know each other Posted by Picasa
She's officially ours! Posted by Picasa
A group dinner in Jiangxi Posted by Picasa
Touring a rural village Posted by Picasa
She's got a passport! Posted by Picasa
Gum in a bottle is far more fun than any toys! Posted by Picasa
Lunch at Lucy's Diner with friends Sheri and Mia Posted by Picasa
Having a ball in the White Swan playroom. Posted by Picasa
Red couch photo: (Top l-r) Grace, Leanna, Natalie, Mia
(Bottom l-r) Leah, Ella, Ren, Molly, Christine,Lucy and Paige Posted by Picasa
A quick medical check for a US visa. Posted by Picasa
Finally on our way home! 4:30am Thanksgiving day 2006. Posted by Picasa