Monday, April 27, 2009

As requested...

Because of how dark her hair is it is kind of hard to tell where she cut it - especially on the top. We have also tried to blend the sides in as best we can. So this is what it looks like now which isn't a whole lot different than right after the "great catastrophe".

Notice the spot up near her eyebrows. That is the shortest spot of all!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Hang with me...

I'm making a few adjustments to the sidebar and somehow deleated all the blogs I frequent. I'd like to change the format so it may be a day or so before I get it figured out!

Also, I promise to get some pictures of Miss. P's hair tomorrow morning and try to post them sometime tomorrow. Right now it is slicked back with gel in a fishtail so you can't see much!

Beauty School?



She DID!

Last Sunday morning, as I lay lounging in bed, Paige decided to take up haircutting. Trace came in and quite uncerimoniously dropped a large clump of hair on my nightstand while announcing, "Uh, Mom, Paige is cutting her hair." As I recall, I burried my head deeper in the pillow and groaned knowing there was nothing I could do at that point. What's done is done. Well, it turned out that despite the clumps of hair throughout the house it really wasn't all that bad. As far as three year old self haircuts go - it could have been waaaay worse! She now has chin-length hair on either side of her face and several short, 1-3 inche, strips all over the top. I'm mostly bummed because it will be harder to do ponytails this summer but I'm just very grateful I can still take her in public! -sigh- They all do it eventually.

Friday, April 17, 2009


Wandering through Toys R Us one day shortly after arriving home I came across this soft little doll. It was the only one they had and I handed it to Paige to hold and see what she'd do. My intention was to give it to the clerk at the checkout and go on our merry way. That wasn't to be. By the time I tried to take it away she had chewed on the knots on the hat and had a death grip on the doll itself. The shreik she let out as I tried to pry her little fingers off convinced me it wasn't worth the battle. Baby went home with us. Several months later I realized we probably aught to have more than one, only to discover that they were no longer being made. So instead of paying the $10 we had paid for the first one, we paid $15 + shipping (each) for two more! For a while that was fine and all were equal in Paige's eyes. Then one day, I handed her one and she promptly threw it and yelled, "not that one!" That was to be the beginning of the end for the backup babies. Now, there is only one that will do and no amount of persuading will change her mind about it. The odd thing is that no one else can tell the difference (other than color now) between the three! I've mixed them up, tried to deliberately give her the wrong one all to no avail - she knows the difference! The only way we could tell for a long time was that the one she chose was the one that the tag shredded on so I wrote our phone number on the back of the neck instead. Now, she is so loved, floppy and faded there is no mistake. Baby goes nearly everywhere with us. She has developed an immunity to Spray and Wash, most of her stuffing has accumulated in her head and legs and one of these days she'll probably bust a seam. Yet, those little knots on her hat are golden when it comes to needing comfort or falling asleep. What would we do without Baby? Let's hope we never find out!

Operator Error

Well according to a well known camera shop the problems I've been having with our new camera are me and not the camera. I'm not sure if that is good news or not. It might have been nice to hear it was the camera and they could fix it or replace it. With my luck though that would only have led to months of dealing with the company! So, now I just have to learn to adjust. My older Kodak worked great but was starting to have some problems with color and didn't have all the new fangled stuff on it. Now I have this newer one with some new fangled stuff but have to learn to take pictures differently. I'm not sure which is better? So, these pictures are a couple that I took this morning. I'm trying to do what the guy told me but I'm still not sure they are what I'm looking for. I personally like a vry crisp, clear picture that I can fuzz/fade/alter how I want. These are not as clear as I want and trying to sharpen them is a total flop. So I changed the color to see if I liked it any better. I'm still not entirely happy. Maybe it's time for a digital photography class?

Thursday, April 16, 2009


We had a nice Easter around here. The "Bunny" left the kids baskets outside their bedroom door this year which was a big hit. We were all awake before Paige and it was fun to watch her reaction without her knowing that we were. Everyone was happy with how well the Easter Bunny knew what they wanted! Amazing little critter isn't he? Once we got home from church we finished getting the house ready for "the party" as the kids kept calling it. We had family and friends over for dinner and it was a wonderful aftrnoon/evening. After spending several days cleaning the house then Saturday night up until after midnight doing "Bunny" business then getting everyone through an egg hunt dressed and out the door for church by 9:15am ALL BY MYSELF, I never slept so well as I did Sunday night! We were all very happy though that Rick was able to get home by 3 on Easter to join us for dinner. All in all great day. Now the diet really gets to start since there is no excuse for a holiday binge until next Halloween!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Blogger ate the picture in the post so I have to post it separately!

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Fashion Challenge Friday (on Thursday)

She started the day out looking well matched and quite cute but thanks to a spill she was able to choose the replacement shirt. Currently this is one of her favorite shirts and I have to hide it or deliberately leave it in the wash if I don't want to see it. So as we left to go meet the bus this afternoon she slipped on her rain boots and off we went! It took me a few minutes to notice the stripes and polka dots that look so charming. Add those to the obviously erroneous t-shirt and well- there you have it.

High blood pressure anyone?

Paige was very eager to have her first (that she remembers) hard boiled egg today. I SO wish I had a camera ready for her face when I started rolling the herd boiled egg on the counter! I told her it was cooked inside but she obviously still didn't understand because she had a look horror on her face. It was so funny I was laughing out loud! Well, because she is such a s-l-o-w eater I eventually left her at the counter to do other things. Unfortunately I left the salt shaker there too. Enough said.
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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A little spring at the lake

A friend and I took the girls out to the lake yesterday. It was a gorgeous day here! Merely a teaser as the rain is predicted to start again tomorrow though. We soaked up as much vitamin D as we had the time for and the girls played in the sand and dipped their toes in the water. It felt so good to be outside in the sun!
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Sexism alive and well

Ok, I have pictures of both of the boys following along behind Daddy with their own lawn mowers from about 18 months on. In fact, we often encouraged it because it was so cute. One of my favorite pictures is of Caden following along and holding his giant blanket at about 2 years old. So, clearly there is a problem with this picture. At least according to all the feminists out there! To be clear, Paige does have a lawn mower but it is Caden's old cheapo one and I'm not sure it is even in operable shape anymore. It hasn't mattered because she hasn't cared. Did you know they make a pink lawn mower now? Seriously. Fisher Price came up with it. I guess the girls can't mow with green or red/blue lawn mowers. Well, at our house it doesn't matter anyway. After I took this picture I asked Paige if she wanted to go outside too. She enthusiastically said "YES!" So we put on the boots and sweatshirt and sent her out. Only to have her turn right around and want back in. Apparently it was too loud. I should have known, last summer she ran in terror from the thing and she is still afraid of one of my vacuums (only one of them what's up with that anyway?). So I can assuage my guilt now, she doesn't want to be out there anyway so the fact that I didn't encourage it for the last two years really has nothing to do with it - right?

I'm not going anywhere

at least not for long. It may be a little longer between posts because I am going to make a real effort to turn the computer off during the day! I guess I should consider myself lucky to have at least five loyal readers. I know there are a couple more too. Just what do those other bloggers do that attracts thousands of readers daily? Who knows. Oh-well, I will continue to update for you guys and for myself and hopefully someday the kids!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Not feeling very "bloggy" lately...

For the few people who do actually check in here, I apologize for the lack of posts and pictures! I haven't been taking a lot of pictures because we haven't been doing a lot of picture worthy stuff. It has rained pretty much all of Spring Break which has left us inside with movies and video games. Yesterday and today have seen a huge improvement in the weather.

I realize there are several of you out there who check in and read occasionally. But honestly, it often feels like I'm writing to myself (and Bailey - thanks Bailey!). Really, I can talk to myself just as easily and it doesn't take as much time! There are a couple of you that I can identify by your location but that only accounts for 3-4 people! The rest, I have no idea. So, I'm not feeling very motivated to write these days. If you have a minute next time you stop by, to leave a comment and let me know you are out there, I'd really appreciate it! Anyone can leave a comment. You don't have to have a blogger account. Just mark the anonymous box and sign your name in the comment itself. It would really make my day if I knew that there were more than 5 people following us. I can't even tell you how excited I would be if there were 10 or more people! The best though, would be to hear from someone that I've never met. To feel like maybe keeping this blog is reaching someone. Other than friends, I've never seen a link to my blog from another. I think that would be a great feeling. So, for now, I may not be around a lot. Just not seeing the point, and I still have a Christmas stocking to finish for Paige!