Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Sexism alive and well

Ok, I have pictures of both of the boys following along behind Daddy with their own lawn mowers from about 18 months on. In fact, we often encouraged it because it was so cute. One of my favorite pictures is of Caden following along and holding his giant blanket at about 2 years old. So, clearly there is a problem with this picture. At least according to all the feminists out there! To be clear, Paige does have a lawn mower but it is Caden's old cheapo one and I'm not sure it is even in operable shape anymore. It hasn't mattered because she hasn't cared. Did you know they make a pink lawn mower now? Seriously. Fisher Price came up with it. I guess the girls can't mow with green or red/blue lawn mowers. Well, at our house it doesn't matter anyway. After I took this picture I asked Paige if she wanted to go outside too. She enthusiastically said "YES!" So we put on the boots and sweatshirt and sent her out. Only to have her turn right around and want back in. Apparently it was too loud. I should have known, last summer she ran in terror from the thing and she is still afraid of one of my vacuums (only one of them what's up with that anyway?). So I can assuage my guilt now, she doesn't want to be out there anyway so the fact that I didn't encourage it for the last two years really has nothing to do with it - right?

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Jill said...

That is really funny! How true it is though. Cute picture!