Thursday, April 16, 2009


We had a nice Easter around here. The "Bunny" left the kids baskets outside their bedroom door this year which was a big hit. We were all awake before Paige and it was fun to watch her reaction without her knowing that we were. Everyone was happy with how well the Easter Bunny knew what they wanted! Amazing little critter isn't he? Once we got home from church we finished getting the house ready for "the party" as the kids kept calling it. We had family and friends over for dinner and it was a wonderful aftrnoon/evening. After spending several days cleaning the house then Saturday night up until after midnight doing "Bunny" business then getting everyone through an egg hunt dressed and out the door for church by 9:15am ALL BY MYSELF, I never slept so well as I did Sunday night! We were all very happy though that Rick was able to get home by 3 on Easter to join us for dinner. All in all great day. Now the diet really gets to start since there is no excuse for a holiday binge until next Halloween!

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Jill said...

Your Easter sounds very similar to mine! Great picture of the kids!