Friday, September 23, 2005


I think I have almost figured out how to post a picture or two! Hopefully they will start appearing soon. In the meantime thank you to everyone who has sent a Quilt square! They are starting to pile up, and I look forward to the mail each day to see if a new one has arrived.
Mom and I went shopping the other day and even though we were only "looking", we wound up buying the crib bedding! The more I look at it, the more I like it and the more perfect it seems for our little Paige. It is pink (of course!) but not pale pink. It is more of a Rose and deep Rose color (almost that popular burnt red) with little butterflies and roses on it. The blanket also has some sage green and is quilted with the roses, butterflies and pillow-ticking stripes in the sage. Well, it is hard to describe, but I'll try to get a picture up.

Monday, September 12, 2005

We have our LID!!!

For those of you who don't know, LID is your Log In Date. It is the date we were officially logged in to the Chinese system!!! Now our progress can be followed easier as we watch the months go by. One by one we will see the LID dates ahead of ours receive their referrals, it will help us with predicting when ours will come also. Right now we are hoping for January but expecting a February referral.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

A little history on us...

We are Rick and Coco Maier and our two boys, Trace and Caden. Before Caden was born we had said that if he was a boy we would adopt a little girl. The minute he was born I clearly remember thinking to myself "we're not done." I KNEW our family was not complete. We initially started out looking at Russia. However, after months of talking and reading on the internet, I was still unable to feel 'right' about any agency. Nothing was falling into place like it should have been. So, we agreed to stop pursuing Russia and try one more time for a biological child. After two very easy conceptions, we found ourselves unable to get pregnant a third time even with Clomid. Deep down we both knew that God was holding us to our committment to adopt. So after a year, we tentatively started looking toward China. I found myself amazed at how easily and naturally everything fell into place. We knew without really researching it much what agency we would use - Holt International, and from there everything felt right! That isn't to say we haven't had our share of hangups! First, our homestudy took three months to write, then INS took 7 weeks to get us a fingerprint appointment and another 8 weeks to return our documents! Then we found out our homesutdy had been notarized in a different state than we live in! Then our documents were returned THREE times from the Chinese consulate! But miracles do happen, and we were finally DTC on July 15, 2005. As of now, we are just waiting for our LID.

My first blogspot!

I am just trying to figure this thing out! Hopefully if I am successful and things don't get to complicated, I'll actually be able to keep everyone updated on our adoption journey to Paige!