Saturday, November 29, 2008

Turkey and Children

Those two words do just seem to belong in the same sentence don't they? I am having problems downloading pictures so none of those today. (of course it is easier to download them if you actually TAKE them in the first place, but that's another issue!)

Just thought I'd say Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Black Friday and Happy Shopping to everyone! We had Thanksgiving dinner at our house on Tuesday. Rick flew out the next morning. On Thursday the kids and I wandered Walmart for quite a while before going home and getting all the Christmas decorations out. Then we settled down for a Christmas movie and Survivor. It was pretty nice. I didn't do any early morning madness shopping on Friday but I was still able to get a couple of deals. The boys main gift was ordered from Amazon for quite a deal, and a possible birthday gift for Paige was picked up by someone else. I was able to get out by myself in the evening and get a lot knocked off my list. I am feeling pretty good and over half way done, I think!

Hopefully December will be a fun time to enjoy light displays, cut down a Christmas tree and make gingerbread houses and cookies. The best part though will be having Rick home on Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day! All is good...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I know, I know

The blog is messed up. I am trying to fix it but obviously haven't been successful! All I wanted to do was change the top picture and the side colors - guess that was too much to ask. Bear with me though I'm working on it!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Chase with Dad

The boys BEG Rick to play chase every night he is home! It gets awfully loud but it usually gives me time to clean up dinner.

Monday, November 17, 2008

End of the season = one busy weekend!

Soccer season has finally come to a close around here! Of course it would have to be the most complicated day scheduling wise. The boys games were an hour apart in time (one 30 minutes away, one 40 minutes away). In order to get Trace to his game 1/2 hour early as required he had to leave right as Caden's game was starting. Once they were over both boys had end of season parties at 4:30 on opposite sides of town. All I can say is Thank You Mom and Ed!! (aka Nana and Papa) Trace's coach had some nice things to say about him but was most impressed by his agressive defense skills. Caden's coach was happy with how he seemed to come out of his shell as the season progressed and that he enjoyed playing goalie. It was a long day and a relief to have it overwith! The pictures above were taken the weekend before. It didn't actually rain during either boy's game but the amount that had come down during the night and just prior to the game, was enough to turn the fields into giant mud pits! We completely striped both kids in the parking lot then I spent an hour at home rinsing mud down the laundry sink.
Since soccer season tends to get the car a bit messy (mud, grass, chairs, stoller, balls, water bottles, snack wrappers, etc...), and it was a beautiful day on Sunday I decided to get out and shovel out the car. I found several 'lost' items and gathered far too much garbage, but WOW does it look and feel much nicer!
Of course, while soccer is just ending there is always something else just starting... Trace has been asked to join the advanced unicycle class (how's that after only six weeks?!, and both boys are considering giving wrestling a try come January. And there is still chess club...
Mom's Taxi - in service.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Two exciting years

Paige reminded me this morning that she was a baby "in China". Yes, she was. Such a tiny little thing too. And so serious at first. The moments and days after each of my children joined our family were magical and so special. Each one so very different and all so very surreal. The day we were given Paige is the one of only a couple of times in my life when I tried to literally slow down time and remember every second. The sights, the smells, the colors. With Paige it is the color orange. The room we were in was done in golds and with the lighting it just seems more orange in my memories. She was also dressed in yellow and orange. The sounds of crying babies, lots of talking and Lisa's voice calling out names.
I look at her now and see such a different child. It hardly seems like she was that bundle handed to me in a noicy conference room amidst cameras and happy onlookers. The same little girl who captured her daddy's heart, and filled mine instantly. A beautiful child. Chosen for us so perfectly. Given to us so trustingly. Cherished by us so completely.
At about 4:30 today we will have had her in our lives for two entire years. Part of me wants to cry and go back to do it again because it has been so wonderful. The other part of me can't wait to move on and see who she will become. For now I will hold onto the moment though and embrace her toddlerhood and try not to forget for a second what a gift a child is.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Halloween

Paige was so excited this year to be a "bumbabee, say trick or treat and get candy!" Caden was a Clone trooper for what is probably the 5th or 6th year in a row and Trace settled on a mail box. Unfortunately the Clone helmet started hurting Caden's head after about 15 minutes and the mailbox was a total disaster! It hurt his legs to walk and he couldn't move his arms but the worst was the way it forced his neck forward! After the first outing he came back home and changed into a Navy workman! It was a good idea though. Overall the kids had a good time. Caden wishes that Halloween was everyday and Trace thinks he's nuts!

Time to move on to the next great adventures! Thanksgiving (which we'll be celebrating early since Rick is scheduled to work) and Christmas (which we have no idea when we'll be celebrating!) Let me be the first to wish you all Happy Holidays!