Monday, November 17, 2008

End of the season = one busy weekend!

Soccer season has finally come to a close around here! Of course it would have to be the most complicated day scheduling wise. The boys games were an hour apart in time (one 30 minutes away, one 40 minutes away). In order to get Trace to his game 1/2 hour early as required he had to leave right as Caden's game was starting. Once they were over both boys had end of season parties at 4:30 on opposite sides of town. All I can say is Thank You Mom and Ed!! (aka Nana and Papa) Trace's coach had some nice things to say about him but was most impressed by his agressive defense skills. Caden's coach was happy with how he seemed to come out of his shell as the season progressed and that he enjoyed playing goalie. It was a long day and a relief to have it overwith! The pictures above were taken the weekend before. It didn't actually rain during either boy's game but the amount that had come down during the night and just prior to the game, was enough to turn the fields into giant mud pits! We completely striped both kids in the parking lot then I spent an hour at home rinsing mud down the laundry sink.
Since soccer season tends to get the car a bit messy (mud, grass, chairs, stoller, balls, water bottles, snack wrappers, etc...), and it was a beautiful day on Sunday I decided to get out and shovel out the car. I found several 'lost' items and gathered far too much garbage, but WOW does it look and feel much nicer!
Of course, while soccer is just ending there is always something else just starting... Trace has been asked to join the advanced unicycle class (how's that after only six weeks?!, and both boys are considering giving wrestling a try come January. And there is still chess club...
Mom's Taxi - in service.


Anonymous said...

Gosh they are all getting so big so fast. Time sure does fly. We still have Trace & Caders b-day cards on my table - I know they are belated, so hopefully the money inside will bribe the boys to forgive our tardiness (kidding - sort of). Tell Rick & the kiddos we say hi. You wouldn't believe how well T.J. can say all of your names now - I will have to take a video and post it for you.
- Jennifer

Ken and Jill Blattner said...

When you figure out how to manage it all, let me know!!!