Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I've got a mission...

This is for all my shopping friends and family. I am looking for a doll for Paige. It is made by Fisher Price and is called Little Mommy. The problem is that they no longer appear to be making the Asian doll. I can't find it on the internet or in the stores I've checked out here in Chicago. If you wouldn't mind checking the toy section occasionally for me I'd really appreciate it!! Again I'm looking for the Asian one not the 'ethnic' one. Thanks!!

The maiden voyage.

Well, we did it. We bought a new trailer. The other one was showing signs of rust from our trip out last winter and it also didn't have AC which we've been told is a necessity in the mid west. The final straw was when the entire top collapsed when Rick was showing it to the guys at the RV store! So we are now the proud owners of a new Jayco trailer and this last weekend we went on our first trip of the year. We went with three neighbor families and two other families with a total of 13 kids 13 and under (three were 13 and the rest were all 7 and under!) It was Sarah's birthday so on Saturday we drove into town to see the movie Cars since it was pouring rain. Once we got back the weather let up long enough to play a bunch of games and eat dinner and cupcakes. We had a great time and can't wait to go again. Our next neighbor trip isn't planned until August so we will probably go out on our own once or twice before then.

As far as China goes:
No News.
Yes it's taking a long time.
Thank's for pointing it out!

All the kids waiting for their tickets to play games for Sarah's party. Don't they look so well behaved? (don't be fooled this only lasted about 2 seconds!) Posted by Picasa

Our messy trailer from the other direction. Posted by Picasa

The boys decided to play a game before bed in our new trailer. Posted by Picasa

Trace with his new whistle. (it is mostly in his mouth so you can't see it!) Posted by Picasa

Caden checking out his prizes. Posted by Picasa

The birthday girl at the ring toss. Posted by Picasa

This is our trailer (rt) and the Conley's (lft). The Conley's are our next door neighbors. Posted by Picasa

Jacob (5 yrs old) Posted by Picasa

Trace's first book.

A few months ago Trace's class was busy writing 'books' of their own. His teacher then typed them up and put them in black report type folders. Trace is so proud of his book and just lit up when I told him I was putting it on the internet for people to read! The boys in his class all couldn't wait to read his story. He was the only one who wrote about Star Wars! The pictures didn't come out very well. I tried to keep them from bluring but obviously I wasn't very successful so I typed the words below.

Posted by Picasa

The Jedi were just having some fun at the planet of the Wookies. They played checkers in the sand. Posted by Picasa

The Jedi received an urgent call from the Jedi council. It was Palpateen, their powerful leader. He wanted the Jedi to come back from the Wookie's planet. Obi-Wan said, "We will be right back." So the Jedi told the Wookies, "Good-bye" and took off in a ten minute shuttle blast to the Jedi council. On the way, Palpateen told the Jedi why he called. Just a few minutes ago Jedi council just received a call from LaLaSu. She said, "The clones are ready to go to war!" Posted by Picasa

So five days later, the two sides all spread out on the battlefield. The Siths and Droids vs. Jedi Council and clones. Then Obi-wan yelled out, "Let the battle begin!" He charged out and knocked the first Battle Droid. It was hard to overcome the Siths. Jedi Council got most of the Siths until there was one more left. Posted by Picasa

Then Darth Maul dropped his lightsaber and ran away. Once again good triumphed over evil. Posted by Picasa

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Last day of school.

Trace's last day of school was June 7th this year. It was a half day/field day and I was there to help out. The kids had a lot of fun moving from one station to the next every half hour and the weather was perfect! Trace's teacher was in the dunk tank for part of the time which they of course loved! It was a great conclusion to what has otherwise been a tough year. A few weeks ago Trace told me that when he walks through the door to school in the morning he just feels 'kinda bouncy and happy'. He had a hard time with the end of the year because he wasn't going to see his friends for the summer. We are just so proud of how he has grown through this move. I have learned just how much like his mother he is emotionally - which makes me even more proud of him! He finished the year with straight A's which Rick rewarded with a payoff on his green machine - yeah! Now we are looking forward to camping, visitors, a trip to Vancouver and lots of bike riding and popcicle eating! School starts back on August 21st!

Trace giving it a good try. Posted by Picasa

Mrs. Chase in the dunk tank. Posted by Picasa

This is what happens to Trace when he plays in the sprinkler right after Rick mows the lawn! Poor guy was just covered in hives and this was taken after benedryl and a few minutes in an Aveeno bath! Posted by Picasa


I guess I need to be a little clearer! We did NOT leave the boys hair shaved down the middle and long on the sides!!! As soon as I took the picture Rick shaved the rest off for a traditional summer butch job. Now onto more stuff...

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Ok, we couldn't resist. The boys both wanted their heads shaved again but Caden specified that he wanted his "just like Papa DelSol's". What can I say - he loves his Papa so much he even wants to look like him!! Posted by Picasa

Caden and Papa planted four trees, 6 arborvidas, and two willows. They were pretty busy and it looks beautiful! Posted by Picasa

Papa's little helper! Posted by Picasa

Not sure why but this one didn't post yesterday. Can't leave this one out Posted by Picasa

Monday, June 05, 2006

My parents came out for a visit a few weeks ago. On Mother's day we all went to see the Medieval Times Tournament. They have several 'castles' throughout the country and they perform these shows several times every weekend. As we went in we were assigned to cheer for the green knight and given coordinating crowns. We had paid for upgraded tickets so we had front row seats! The boys absolutely loved it and Caden is still talking about being a knight there when he grows up! During the two hour evening we were served dinner (eaten with no utensils) and cheered on our knight. It really is something you got to do at least once.

Trace and Caden waiting to see the show! Posted by Picasa

Caden and Rick. Posted by Picasa

Another blury one that shows more of the arena. Posted by Picasa

It's blury but you can get the idea. Posted by Picasa