Saturday, January 27, 2007

Isn't she pathetic?!

I have a picture of each of the boys on the morning that I first walked in and found them standing in their crib, so I had to do the same for Paige! She, of course, didn't like that I came in then left (to get the camera) and this is how I found her when I got back! She had been perfectly happy chatting away while waiting for us to get her up.
She is changing so fast! On the 25th her first tooth finally popped through the gums. On the 26th the second one made it's appearance! Now on the 27th she stands up in her crib. Please don't let her start walking tomorrow!!! Posted by Picasa

Caden the photographer.

I tried for several minutes to get a cute close up picture of Paige. Caden came up and asked if he could try (the benefit of digital cameras). This was his second try! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Early birthday...

Here she comes. Paige is so ready to walk but she doesn't realize it so I bought her this little "walker" this weekend. At first she wasn't sure what to do with it, but now she's cruisin all over the house and loving it! When she gets bigger it drops down and becomes a ride on bike. Posted by Picasa
There she goes. Posted by Picasa

Some miscellaneous happenings in the past week.

It's not really all that difficult to eat and sleep at the same time. Paige seems to have mastered it just fine! Posted by Picasa
Hey! What are you guys doing out there? Posted by Picasa

How to love a baby (according to Paige)

I picked this little doll up in Target last week and Paige immediately grabbed onto it. On the way home in the car she would screech every time Caden touched it - which of course he continued doing for the fun of it! Posted by Picasa
Occasionally chew on her hat - for whatever reason. Posted by Picasa
Take her with you where ever you g0. Posted by Picasa
Rock the baby. Posted by Picasa
Remember that grin! It is going to be gone soon. Paige has at least one but probably two teeth ready to break through finally! Posted by Picasa

Last weekend's company.

Scott (Rick's cousin) and Jennifer came to visit last weekend with baby Tegan. It was so fun to have company! We had only met Jennifer once, very briefly, at her baby shower and it was nice to get to know her a little better. We pretty much just hung out on Saturday and the guys all watched the game on Sunday while Jennifer and I took the littlest two and went shopping. Tegan is such a doll! He is the mellowest little guy and always ready with a smile. I'm so glad we got the chance to see him! Although we could just as easily have looked at baby pictures of Scott! (I'm kidding, but they do look like carbon copies!) Posted by Picasa
The newest "cousin" in the family, Tegan. Posted by Picasa
"What's this?" Posted by Picasa
"I guess he won't mind if I play with his toys." Posted by Picasa

Friday, January 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Mommy (or is it Paige?)

We were all watching a movie and Trace finished his cake and set it on the floor. Obviously no one was watching Paige closely enough...

Couldn't take it from her at that point now could we? By the time she was completely finished she was covered head to toe. I had to wash her hair twice to get the red food coloring out of it! So much for the fun on her first birthday! Posted by Picasa
 Posted by Picasa
 Posted by Picasa

Where in the world is the Maier family now?

This will not come as much of a surprise to those of you who've know us very long - we're moving!!! Wow that was a shocker wasn't it? The destination might be though... Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Yep, you read that right we're heading a little north of here. Rick got the call right before New Years that SkyWest was going to be opening a new base in Milwaukee. He has been promised the option of the next base that opens because Chicago is just too expensive to live in. So after a lot of debate, tears, and discussion we have accepted the new position. They will be posting Rick's present job on Monday and he is guessing that he'll start up north in February. Here's the upside... His commute to work will drop from an hour and a half to 15 minutes (on a bad day). The airport is very tiny (unlike O'Hare which is a city of it's own), the lifestyle is FAR more laid back and people are into camping and outdoor activities. The boys are excited at the option of getting four wheelers in a couple of years (MAYBE!!!) The cost of living isn't dramatically cheaper but it is a little and we will be downsizing in order to save on our expences. The disadvantages are obviously moving Trace from school and just the whole idea of moving again. Trace is surprisingly willing and I think it is because he knows what to expect a little better this time. Rick and I have agreed to make this at least a three year move only considering moves that will take us to the northwest. I hope we are making the right decision. Please keep us in your prayers.
The details have not been worked out yet. Although Rick will probably be starting soon, our house still has no offers on it. We will not be pulling either of the boys from school early either. If necessary the kids and I will live in the trailer for a couple weeks/months in order to finish out this year for them.
So that's the news for today. I have waited until we actually accepted the position this time before announcing it so hopefully nothing will change at this point! We will keep you updated...

Thursday, January 04, 2007

For fellow adopters...

I guess this is for those still waiting and for those just home. While Paige's bonding and attachment seem to have gone flawlessly, mine have not. I guess I read everything about her bonding and forgot about myself! Well, that's not entirely true. I did wonder and worry about bonding with her. Would I be able to look at an Asian face and fall in love? Would I be able to nuzzle her little neck like I had with the boys? The answer is a little more complicated than a straight yes or no. When they handed her to me I was very much in shock. I couldn't believe it was happening after so long and I couldn't believe it was going to be over in the blink of an eye. I had a lot of fun with her in China and in looking back it was sort of like playing pretend but with a real baby. I got to dress her up and put cute clothes on her everyday and bows in her hair. The sleep issue was tolerable because we were kind of on vacation.
Then we got home. And this cute little baby still wouldn't sleep! On top of it Rick left the day after my parents left and I was completely on my own for four days. (I did manage to get Trace to school each of those days on time!) I was tired and irritable and didn't know if she was bonding well because the only information I could find was on if they didn't bond. I've since found what I needed and she is indeed very well bonded to us. But she STILL wouldn't sleep!!! During the day she was happy and smily to everyone - except me. Then at night she was up and I had to deal with it! How was I suposed to fall in love with someone who seemed to only need me when she was hungry or tired? I kept at it though and constantly reminded myself that she didn't ask to be removed from her home and placed into ours. None of it was her fault and we were in it together. It wasn't her against me even though I wanted to think that a couple of times! I guess I knew that it might be tough, after all I didn't bond with my oldest birth child until he was about 5 months, but somehow it still surprised me a little.
The bottom line is that I have been able to look at those beautiful Asian eyes, and chunky little thighs and fall in love. I have been able to nuzzle her little neck and savor that baby smell. It wasn't immediate and it wasn't always easy even with an adorable easy going baby. But I feel like I knew what to expect and was about as prepared as I could be. And guess what? Last night she gave me her goofy grin!

What I did for Christmas Vacation

I remember the good old days when what follows that title was short and sweet, not any more! The kids and I flew out to Washington on the 16th of December. I told them not to bring more than a book and some playdough for the plane because they'd just watch the movie anyway. Well, the playdough was confiscated at security (could be c4 I guess), and apparently Southwest Airlines doesn't show movies. Needless to say the two books were no where near enough to keep three kids busy for four hours! They were all pretty good sports though considering.
On the 17th we had an open house for everyone to stop by and meet Paige. It was so nice to visit with those I could and to just have a chance to see everyone. Thank you all for comming, it meant a lot to us.
Although I had really hoped to get out to visit a few people I ran out of time with Christmas. I still had some shopping to do in Vancouver and had promised the boys a trip to OMSI to see the Star Wars exhibit. That was a really fun day. My dad was able to go along and we were able to take our time and just enjoy ourselves. Caden absolutely loved the clone troopers and thinks it is totally cool that I got a picture of the case holding all their weapons. (That's my little soldier for you).
Christmas was very nice. The kids were spoiled as usual, got to meet their soon-to-be cousin Carter, and spent a night with their favorite cousins Nichole and Coleen. I am exhausted and very glad to be home for a while! Rick was able to fly standby an get out from Tuesday through the following Thursday.
Paige has been home with us for about six weeks now. I feel like I am finally starting to adjust to having three kids! The first two weeks I don't think I showered before 1:00 even once! I also lost a few pounds when I either forgot or ran out of time to eat. Don't worry, I gained it all back in Vancouver. As far as we can tell, Paige seems to have adapted to our crazy house. She has bonded well and especially loves her Daddy!
Hope everyone had a great Christmas! Happy New Year!
We started off our vacation with a Welcome Paige open house at my parent's house. So many of you were able to stop by and it was really wonderful to see everyone.  Posted by Picasa
Thank's to a generous gift from our realtor, we were able to take the boys to OMSI to see the Star Wars exhibit in it's final weeks. Papa DelSol went with us and we all had a great day! Posted by Picasa
The week before Christmas Aunt Karen hosted a welcome shower for Paige at her house. It turned out very nice and we received some wonderful gifts! Posted by Picasa
Christmas Eve with the Maier family at Rick's parents house. Posted by Picasa
After listening to three of his cousins play the trombone Trace gave it a try and was actually able to make noise! Posted by Picasa
Merry 1st Christmas, baby girl! Posted by Picasa
Trace and Carter were good sports when Santa (aka Great Uncle Phil) stopped by on Christmas morning but Caden's reaction was priceless! Posted by Picasa