Friday, January 12, 2007

Where in the world is the Maier family now?

This will not come as much of a surprise to those of you who've know us very long - we're moving!!! Wow that was a shocker wasn't it? The destination might be though... Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Yep, you read that right we're heading a little north of here. Rick got the call right before New Years that SkyWest was going to be opening a new base in Milwaukee. He has been promised the option of the next base that opens because Chicago is just too expensive to live in. So after a lot of debate, tears, and discussion we have accepted the new position. They will be posting Rick's present job on Monday and he is guessing that he'll start up north in February. Here's the upside... His commute to work will drop from an hour and a half to 15 minutes (on a bad day). The airport is very tiny (unlike O'Hare which is a city of it's own), the lifestyle is FAR more laid back and people are into camping and outdoor activities. The boys are excited at the option of getting four wheelers in a couple of years (MAYBE!!!) The cost of living isn't dramatically cheaper but it is a little and we will be downsizing in order to save on our expences. The disadvantages are obviously moving Trace from school and just the whole idea of moving again. Trace is surprisingly willing and I think it is because he knows what to expect a little better this time. Rick and I have agreed to make this at least a three year move only considering moves that will take us to the northwest. I hope we are making the right decision. Please keep us in your prayers.
The details have not been worked out yet. Although Rick will probably be starting soon, our house still has no offers on it. We will not be pulling either of the boys from school early either. If necessary the kids and I will live in the trailer for a couple weeks/months in order to finish out this year for them.
So that's the news for today. I have waited until we actually accepted the position this time before announcing it so hopefully nothing will change at this point! We will keep you updated...


Stacy said...

yay! I am the first to comment :)Milwakee? Do they still make beer there?

I was SO surprised and excited to hear from you on my blog. I have so much to learn still, but this is super fun! I can't find your email address.... sigh, but would love to chat more, so maybe you could email me... How did you do that slide showthing with Paige's pics? I want to do that!

Aunt Cheryl said...

WOW!!!!! Hope things work out for all of you in Wisconsin! Great pics of Paige! Oh....Happy Birthday Coco!!


Rob Iseminger said...