Thursday, January 04, 2007

What I did for Christmas Vacation

I remember the good old days when what follows that title was short and sweet, not any more! The kids and I flew out to Washington on the 16th of December. I told them not to bring more than a book and some playdough for the plane because they'd just watch the movie anyway. Well, the playdough was confiscated at security (could be c4 I guess), and apparently Southwest Airlines doesn't show movies. Needless to say the two books were no where near enough to keep three kids busy for four hours! They were all pretty good sports though considering.
On the 17th we had an open house for everyone to stop by and meet Paige. It was so nice to visit with those I could and to just have a chance to see everyone. Thank you all for comming, it meant a lot to us.
Although I had really hoped to get out to visit a few people I ran out of time with Christmas. I still had some shopping to do in Vancouver and had promised the boys a trip to OMSI to see the Star Wars exhibit. That was a really fun day. My dad was able to go along and we were able to take our time and just enjoy ourselves. Caden absolutely loved the clone troopers and thinks it is totally cool that I got a picture of the case holding all their weapons. (That's my little soldier for you).
Christmas was very nice. The kids were spoiled as usual, got to meet their soon-to-be cousin Carter, and spent a night with their favorite cousins Nichole and Coleen. I am exhausted and very glad to be home for a while! Rick was able to fly standby an get out from Tuesday through the following Thursday.
Paige has been home with us for about six weeks now. I feel like I am finally starting to adjust to having three kids! The first two weeks I don't think I showered before 1:00 even once! I also lost a few pounds when I either forgot or ran out of time to eat. Don't worry, I gained it all back in Vancouver. As far as we can tell, Paige seems to have adapted to our crazy house. She has bonded well and especially loves her Daddy!
Hope everyone had a great Christmas! Happy New Year!

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