Sunday, April 30, 2006

I know it dosen't work!

Well the video worked for us for one whole day and now it isn't working at all! I am trying to figure out the problem so keep checking back!
For a little update:
The boys are no longer in their own rooms. At their request we put the bunk beds together in Trace's room and all the toys into Caden's old room. I think they had just gotten so used to having the other there at night that neither of them was able to sleep very well without.
China sent out referrals last week that covered through June 6th. (We are July 26) At the current pace we should have our referral in about a year! However no one believes they are going to continue the current pace and we are still holding out hope for a July referral. Only time will tell and all we can do is take it a month at a time.
Life in Chicago has finally caught up with me. I have been the strong one telling everyone else to accept that this is where God wants us. We need to be happy about it and thankful that Rick has a job. I guess by doing that I wasn't really letting myself be sad either. It sort of hit this weekened though. This was the second weekend in a row that we had absolutely nothing to do! I am starting to feel pretty lonely with no family or friends around. We've just been sitting around which dosen't help much, but what else can we do that dosen't involve spending money? Ok, so I've had my little pitty party now - time to get on with life! Thanks for 'listening' though!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

It's a miracle! I finally got my video posted!!! I made it about 6 weeks ago and have spent hours since then trying to figure out how to post it. I had it really close and Rick finally figured out the last bit. So here it is. The majority of the pictures were taken last summer and fall.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Caden started t-ball today! He was so excited about it. It isn't a team thing just a community center practice, but as far as Caden is concerned it's the REAL thing! They were so cute out there and he is one of the littlest ones even though they are all 4 and 5. He couldn't wait to get home to practice some more. He and Trace taped red construction paper on the back patio for bases and Trace has taken it upon himself to 'teach' Caden how to play. They are having a lot of fun.

Sitting in the dugout like the big guys! Posted by Picasa

It's a hit! Posted by Picasa

Just being goofy in the car on the way home! Posted by Picasa

Paige's room

Or is that Tigger's room? I went in to put away the new things I bought and look who I found! At least the room isn't going to waste right now. Tigger definately enjoys it.
The boys and I went shopping yesterday and the Disney store was having a sale. I just couldn't pass these up. I call it retail therapy.

"What?" Posted by Picasa

Aren't they cute! Posted by Picasa

The Green Machine

A few months ago in Toys R Us Trace saw the Green Machine and decided he had to have it. So he started saving every penny he could. When it went on sale last week he didn't even have half of the amount he needed. So we made a deal with him. We bought it for the sale price but he couldn't ride it until he had earned at least half of what he owed us. After that he has to continue making regular payments or we can re-posses it. Well thanks to an unexpected windfall from Aunt Kim he finally made it over the half way point. So he and Daddy spent the afternoon putting it together. He was sooo excited and has ridden it every day.

Trace and his new bike! Posted by Picasa

Putting the Green Machine together. Posted by Picasa


We celebrated our first Easter in Chicago all by ourselves. It was a beautiful morning followed by thunderstorms. The boys were so excited to hunt for eggs that the Bunny had filled with Crabby Pattis and jelly beans. They were most excited though about the Narnia movie (which we have seen every day since!). We had our traditional dinner with tons of leftovers and really enjoyed our time together.

Caden wanted to try out his new confetti toy from Trace. Notice how nice and green the grass is now! Posted by Picasa

Tigger is not to be left out! He just wanted to eat the grass. Posted by Picasa

Waiting for Mom and Dad to go see what the Easter Bunny left. Posted by Picasa

Coloring eggs in a tank top! Posted by Picasa

Isn't this FUN? Posted by Picasa

All I wanted

I have wanted the boys to have neighbors to play with for so long! Now they have them and for the most part it is a real blessing. Caden can't wait for Sara to get home every day and then wants her to go home - go figure!

While Rick and I raked grass the boys were having a lot more fun! Posted by Picasa

Someday we'll learn...

and buy a house with a small yard! Rick decided to aerate and thatch the yard not realizing just how much work he was making for himself! What he thought would take a few hours took us all weekend both working together! In the end we had twenty five bags of grass on the back patio and no idea where to get rid of them. I later found out we can put out as many bags as we want with our garbage each week for no charge - thank goodness!

In the end the whole patio was covered in bags! Posted by Picasa

We could fit one to two piles per bag. Posted by Picasa