Sunday, April 30, 2006

I know it dosen't work!

Well the video worked for us for one whole day and now it isn't working at all! I am trying to figure out the problem so keep checking back!
For a little update:
The boys are no longer in their own rooms. At their request we put the bunk beds together in Trace's room and all the toys into Caden's old room. I think they had just gotten so used to having the other there at night that neither of them was able to sleep very well without.
China sent out referrals last week that covered through June 6th. (We are July 26) At the current pace we should have our referral in about a year! However no one believes they are going to continue the current pace and we are still holding out hope for a July referral. Only time will tell and all we can do is take it a month at a time.
Life in Chicago has finally caught up with me. I have been the strong one telling everyone else to accept that this is where God wants us. We need to be happy about it and thankful that Rick has a job. I guess by doing that I wasn't really letting myself be sad either. It sort of hit this weekened though. This was the second weekend in a row that we had absolutely nothing to do! I am starting to feel pretty lonely with no family or friends around. We've just been sitting around which dosen't help much, but what else can we do that dosen't involve spending money? Ok, so I've had my little pitty party now - time to get on with life! Thanks for 'listening' though!


Anonymous said...

Hey....Just thinking of you guys and came on the blogger. We had a soccer filled weekend. Nichole played keeper for Prairie yesterday as well as her own game. She has YL all evening and we are BBQ chicken for dinner now. Coleen is with Tyler for his birthday. I will read more on the webpage after dinner. Sorry you had a rough weekend. Boring times can get you down.....stay busy and call is FREE!!! No $$$$ needed!

Love you!!!

Aunt Cheryl

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