Friday, March 30, 2012

I guess I'm a failing blogger!

But dang, if life just doesn't get in the way! So here are some snippets of what's been going on...

Paige experienced her first Spirit Week and particularly liked mismatch day!

She also proudly earned her button for completing 5 book reports! This month she is trying for her 10 report button. Way to go Paige!

I discovered that miracles do happen when I found the boys sitting shoulder to shoulder on the couch. They weren't there by force or bribery AND they weren't fighting! Wonders never cease.

I also found a great reason to never dust again. Look closely - see the little handprint? I'm not sure if it is Paige's or one of my little nephew's but it doesn't matter, those precious little hands only stay that way for a very short time!
When I went out in the garage the other night I found proof that the bikes are definitely quite prolific! Rick has been swearing it for many years and, well the proof is in the pudding! There are three extra bikes parked right there in line with all of the others.

And finally, Trace had his last unicycle performance of the year at Jump for Heart for the elementary school. It is a huge event at the boy's school every year. Last year they brought in over $10,000 for the American Heart Association! Pretty good for a school of about 400. Trace is on the 6 foot giraff in this picture.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

My Little Helpers

Caden and Paige helped me make flatbread last night. I put them in charge of flipping the bread while I rolled the dough out. It was a learning process but they both caught on and were pro's by the time we got through 24 pieces!

Paige was particularly frustrated with learning to flip them. Caden was so patient and encouraging though (sometimes he is capable of that!).

She was so proud of herself when she finally got it!

Then we had a little flipper high fiving going on...
Once we were done we made little individual pizzas followed by improvised elephant ears. There can never be enough flatbread at our house!

Six years old!

Our baby girl is six years old! I told her she wasn't allowed to be six and she giggled and told me "too bad!" As all parents say, I don't know where the time has gone. Seems like yesterday I was sitting in the rocking chair in her room trying to memorize her little, sleeping face. Now she reads a chapter to me before practicing spelling words and doing homework! Our beautiful baby girl is growing up right before our eyes. This past year has been a year with a lot of changes for Miss. P. She graduated pre-school, started kindergarten and moved to first grade all in just six months time. She learned to ride a two wheel bike. Went to Hawaii and Disneyland for the first time. She started gymnastics and rapidly moved up to pre-team where she is excelling! I'm sure the coming year will bring even more changes. Hopefully her sweet, giggly, sparkly personality won't change too much! Love you to pieces my little girly girl!

Dentist Barbie for our future dentist! Couldn't resist encouraging her now could we?

San Francisco

Rick and I were able to get away for a couple of days in February. We decided on San Fran since it is fairly close and we only had 2-3 days. It was so wonderful to be able to do whatever we wanted and just hang out together! We probably walked 10+ miles in two days!

The Alcatraz tour was awesome! We were really blessed to have the rare beautiful day to go out to the island. The audio tour was very informative and walking around in the sunshine was so refreshing! (I'm sure it wasn't nearly so refreshing for the prisoners!)

We were trying to get a picture of us with the Golden Gate bridge in the background. Well, it's a great picture of us but where's the bridge? LOL

One of the places I really wanted to go was Chinatown. Since we lived in Chicago we really haven't been able to go to a "good" Chinatown. It didn't dissapoint either! We got all of the kids little gifts, including a new New Year outfit for Paige. But for the few more "American" stores one could easily think they were in China. Made me almost wish the kids were with us to see it!

We had a great couple of days away and I can't wait until we get away again! Next time maybe we'll take a little longer and hit Texas?!