Thursday, February 15, 2007

Pilcher Park

Caden's pre-school had a field trip today to Pilcher park. I debated going because it was so cold, but in the end my curiosity won out. I've only read about making maple syrup in Little House on the Prairie books so I was pretty excited to actually see it! Caden was excited too because it had to do with one of his favorite foods - syrup! They served us lunch of pancakes and sausage and we met the turtles, snakes, fish and a red hawk with a partially amputated wing from being hit by a truck. Then we went out to see how they make the syrup and on a little nature hike. Caden did awsome on the hike because he was nice and warm, half the kids wimped out! It was quite a day and Caden is dying to take Trace and Rick back to show them - maybe when it warms up enough for the sap to actually run! Posted by Picasa

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