Monday, March 15, 2010

Not me Monday!

I did not allow our laundry pile to build up long enough that Trace would stand atop it and proclaim, "it's a laundry mountain!" Nope, I stay on top of that stuff around here. It also isn't possible that our children had taken over our bathroom to the point that I had to officially evict them this week. No sir we know who's in charge around here! But most importantly it is completely impossible that I would have poured Draino down the bathtub and then left it there assuming that Trace would wash it down during his morning shower tomorrow. If I had done that though then I certainly would have remembered before telling Caden he could take a bath in it. Otherwise he might push down the drain and fill the tub with out rinsing it, thereby taking a bath in (heavily diluted) Draino and forcing me to make my third (or fourth, I've lost count) call to Poison Control for Caden in his lifetime! Nope, stuff like that just doesn't happen around here. Never. Cause if it did I'm not dumb enough to blog about it and tell the world!

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Anonymous said...

Poision control only 3 or 4 times wow! I made that in less then a month when Colton was almost 2. Within weeks he ate A&D, sprayed himself in the face with Orange Pledge ate one of those packs that come leather shoes that say DO NOT EAT and I can't remember the last but there was one more that I can't remember. The kid could get into anything and faster then I could catch him too. Have fun!! Jessica