Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sparky Day!

Sparky came to preschool again this year. He visited when Trace was there too - must be a pretty old Leprechaun! So, Sparky causes all kinds of mischief. He turns tables and chairs on end then leaves his footprints on them. He sprinkles "Sparky Dust" (which looks suspiciously like gold glitter) everywhere he goes. He took all the kids coats and hung them on the fence outside, left golden rocks all over the playground, took all the song cards and generally made it a fun day for the kids! Paige was nervous the whole time that he might actually show up in person though.

On Tuesday (going back a day) I went head-to-head with an eleven year old at Trace's soccer practice. The top of his head hit the entire right side of my face. We are pretty sure I blacked out for a couple of seconds since I don't remember actually hitting him or falling - just going toward him and then sitting on the ground. I jumped right back up and convinced everyone I was fine then continued playing for a half hour. My face was numb, hurting severely, I could taste the blood in my mouth and my lip was already swelling by the time we got home. On Wednesday I had a pretty fat lip with horrible bruising inside my upper and lower lips, a VERY sore face and a bad headache. So I decided to go in and get checked out. I was told that I probably had a mild concussion! Criminy! I think I'm too short to be scrimmaging 11 year old boys who's heads are the same level as mine!

ANYWAY, all that leads to the fact that I wasn't really up to fixing an Irish dinner Wednesday night. So we opted to go out (where I ordered soup) instead. Rick and I spent much of the evening shaking our heads at the weirdness of eleven year old boys. I've been told it gets worse for a couple years before getting better - heaven help us! Trace came home from school with a big green smily face on his forehead. When Rick asked what that was all about Trace told us that everyone was worried about getting pinched during PE when they are required to wear white t-shirts and black shorts. So they all pulled out their Crayolas and scribbled all over their arms and faces! Holy cow - are you kidding me? Needless to say we went out to dinner and wandered the mall with our child looking like that! What a dork! The picture below I took in the mall (when he was irritated with me taking pictures) so it is dark and a bit fuzzy but it gives you the idea. Maybe I should start a book on the goofy things eleven year old boys do?

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