Sunday, March 28, 2010

I saw this once in a dream...

I really did have a dream once of a little girl with long, straight hair sitting on the floor playing! Funny how those little snapshots into life can actually happen. The trick is to be paying attention when they do! This sort of took my breath away almost immediately, so of course I ran for the camera!

When I asked Paige what she'd wanted for her birthday but hadn't gotten her reply never changed, "a color hair changing Moxie girl!" Um, okaaay. So I started looking into them. I waffled back and forth a lot between, "they look too much like Bratz" which I refuse to allow and "they are supposed to be young girls and they are trying to promote the right image." In the end, whether because I finally decided to accept and agree with their message or (more likely) because I was just too tired of debating it, I caved and let her use her birthday money to buy one. I'm still not 100% convinced that I like them, but Paige is! She loves her new doll and wants to carry her everywhere. We've spent a few minutes the last two nights "painting" her hair pink and orange with some glitter high lights. She is actually very careful and precise with it. I asked her tonight if she was going to do hair like Aunt Kim someday? Her response? "Yeah, probably." Little stinker.

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