Monday, October 26, 2009

A Day of Pumpkin Patches...

Thursday was a busy day. Paige's preschool class went on their annual trip to the pumpkin patch. In the Spring they plant the pumpkins and in the Fall they harvest them. I was all set to go since it was Paige's first field trip and I've always gone to all of the boy's. Then her high school tutor came in one day specifically to meet me and tell me how she had rushed home on a break to have her mom sign the permission slip. She wanted to make sure she had the chance to go with Paige and not someone else. As I stood there listening I just kept thinking how that meant I couldn't go. Paige would most likely ignore one of us and I knew it was probably going to be me. I also couldn't break her tutor's heart by saying that I was going. So rather than tag along and look like the parent that just can't let go I left her with a hug and a bit of sadness to go on her first field trip without me. So who's having the separation anxiety? But she's my baby!

A couple of our neighbors have their kids in a really small home preschool and they were planning a field trip to the huge local farm. We had already decided as a family that at $8 per person it was too much money. Then one of these friends asked if we'd like to go with their group for only $4 per child. It was at 11:15 and they were pulling their older kids out of school to go. So after picking Paige up from her field trip at 11, we headed over to the other farm. The older kids all thought it was really cool to be getting out of school and didn't even seem to notice they were surrounded by preschoolers! The school office was pretty funny about the three of us moms pulling a total of 8 kids out of class at the same time for no apparent reason! The weather cooperated and all the dads made it too, all in all a really fun time.

Paige was actually willing to touch the goats this year! Last year she just screamed the whole time.

The hay pyramid is always one of their favorites.

"It should be about thiiiis big, mom."

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