Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy #11 Trace!

I'm not too sure when it happened let alone how it happened, but it would seem that my baby boy, is no more. That cute little bundle that made me a mother in 1998 is growing up - and quite nicely. By next year he'll be as tall as me or taller and I'd like to say he's catching up with me in weight, but unfortunately I'm managing to stay just enough ahead of him on that! Trace is a good kid. Almost always willing to help out, polite and caring. He often thinks of others before himself. I'm so glad that he still wants me around and is willing to talk to me about most anything! We love you lots Trace and are so very proud of you.
A few days before his actual birthday he invited two friends and we took them to Taco Bell for dinner then on to play video games for an hour. They all had fun and Trace was so happy that it was finally his birthday.
On his birthday we had Nana, Papa, Grandma and Aunt Chris over for cake. Unfortunately we found out just before school got out that Rick had been called into work. So, Dad wasn't there which made a big hole for Trace who was very disappointed. It turned out ok though and for the most part he had a great birthday.

Trace chose gooey-butter cake this year (which we were all happy about)!

Caden made his own fun. :)

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