Saturday, October 10, 2009

Oh, what a glorius day...

A beautiful Fall day for watching kids games! Look at those trees in the background!

Ok, now quit looking at the trees and look at the terrific kid instead! That's the designated "kicker" whenever there is a goal kick or penalty kick. He's getting pretty good too with that lead foot of his. (The fact that it is now a size 8 men's foot might have something to do with it too!) The best part of the morning though was that THEY WON!!! Yes, they really did win - by two points! First win of the season. Apparently the other team had never won a game either and it showed. We all had a really good laugh at one point when the other team kicked the ball past our goalie and their player followed it right up to the line. He had a totally free shot and instead of kicking it over the line his foot went over the ball and he fell on it! The poor kid, he should of had the goal. I definitely felt for him but man it was funny!
Trace took a really good wack in the face but managed to get up and keep going. He didn't let much past today. Well, one but we don't need to talk about that! :)
Then we had Caden's game...
It looked a little daunting at first. (Caden is number 40 in black and white)

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