Saturday, October 10, 2009

We needn't have worried though. By half time we were up enough points that our coaches were forced to "let" the other team score. Apparently they had been told "no more shut-outs". So, they started putting kids in different positions. Caden even got to run the ball a couple of times!

Here he is getting the hand off - on the far right.

His favorite position though is safety. He's pretty good at it too. (Far right)

At one point the other team fumbled and Caden landed on the ball! Whoo-hoo! (again on the far right)
This is a common scene at Caden's games. It is usually in the first play where we have possesion. I'm not intending to brag but I guess some of the other coaches aren't too happy with our coaches. Not sure why - they are just doing their job - really well.

Um, this was half time.
We didn't score again. I guess we wern't allowed to. The kids didn't know that but the coaches started running stupid plays and trying to let the other team score. It was apparent by the last quarter that we couldn't even give this team points. Then came the play where the other team looked like they just might actually get a touchdown. That is until their player ran right into the back of one of his team mates, tripping and falling. He had gained about 3 or 4 yards. I laughed so hard I was tearing up! Not at the kids - at the situation. Our coaches were literally scratching there heads trying to figure out what else they could do!

Seeing the smile on Caden's face afterward was the best part of the game though!

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