Monday, February 02, 2009

Picture Tag

I was tagged for photo tag. I'm supposed to choose the fourth photo folder and the fourth picture in it. Since I'm on the laptop I only have one folder so I just went ahead and picked the fourth picture. The regular computer would be more interesting though!
Anyway, this picture was taken the end of October. Robin and I had taken all five kids to walk the WSU campus and try to get some good pictures. She took this one of Paige and I while the other kids were throwing rocks in the creek. I don't remember what Paige was telling me but I'm thinking it was complaining that she wanted to go home! It was a beautiful afternoon and I still remember exactly where we were sitting and the way the sunlight fell through the trees.

So now I get to tag four others to do the same. How about Sue S., Robin B., Jennifer B (in MI) and Chris D. Go to the fourth folder you keep photos in and choose the fourth photo. Then tell us all about it and tag four more people! Come on, it'll be fun...
I just added the fourth picture from the fourth folder on my real computer. It is a picture of a little girl named Natalie. Her parents were a part of our travel group to China and we were there to see her complete their family. Natalie has three big brothers and lives in Florida. We hope to visit with them in a year or two for a reunion.


Jill said...

Thanks for doing it! I think it is kind of fun to remember when...
That is a neat picture of you and Paige.

Sue said...

Thanks for the Tag, that was fun.

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Take Care,