Sunday, February 01, 2009

Well... I'm kinda speechless.

Caden told me Saturday night that his mouth hurt and he had a new tooth coming in. Knowing that he hadn't lost any teeth recently and didn't have any that were even significantly loose, I told him he was fine. Nice mom that I am I kept blowing it off and telling him it couldn't be a tooth. He persisted until I got the flashlight. Holy Cow! One little edge of a new tooth was definitely visible and completely behind the other front teeth! By Sunday afternoon the entire top of the new tooth was there. This happened with the tooth next to this one also but in that case the baby tooth was really loose. With that one the dentist told us to immediately pull the loose one to let the displaced one to move forward. This time the tooth in front is just barely loose. Fortunately we already had a date scheduled to pull seven teeth from his mouth - in three weeks. I'm guessing that may be bumped up a bit once I talk to the dentist in the morning!
The poor kid's mouth is such a mess! The three middle ones are permanent teeth and there is clearly not enough room for them let alone any new ones. Pulling teeth right now is a temporary fix but he will definitely be a regular at the orthodontist's office!

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Bailey said...

OUCH! Poor kiddo. Give him great big hugs. I agree, looks like he will be hitting the orthodontist.