Monday, February 02, 2009

The great adventure

Well the little patient is surviving. The dentist got him in this afternoon and took seven teeth out! They were really great with him and he even got to watch a movie! Not that he cared. According to the dentist he did "pretty well". Not too sure what that means exactly, but come on - SEVEN teeth at once?! I know I wouldn't have done well at all. I sat in the waiting room with a knot growing in my stomach. So when I finally got to talk with the doctor I just had one question. "We are doing the right thing?" His response was, "Absolutely! They have to come out. They... yeah they really need to." It was amazing how much better that made me feel. They kept me updated every few teeth (and bathroom break) and they didn't even charge us for the seventh tooth! Apparently it is a pull six get the seventh one free deal. :)

So we are home now, watching Open Season and eating ice cream (all of us). Caden doesn't like the numbness at all but we have him draped in towels to eat his ice cream and it seems to be working. Hopefully the dentist's prediction is accurate and he'll be back to normal by tomorrow. We'll see!


Bailey said...

Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch. Then again... ice cream, woohoo! Do me a favor and share this story with Caden:
When I was 12 years old, my mouth became way too small for all of the teeth I had and was receiving, so my parents made an appointment to have some pulled. As it turned out, I had ten teeth pulled (at once), and this momentous event happen on my birthday. Yup, ten teeth pulled on my birthday! After pulling them all out, the dentist found out it was my birthday and offered me... m & ms. My thought, "Now how in the world do you expect me to eat those, you just pulled out all of my teeth!?!"
Now, years later, I have a great mouth of teeth. The dentist did the right thing. Hang in there Caden, it will be all right!

Jill said...

Poor Caden! I am glad everything went well. I know how you feel sitting in the dentist office while your baby is getting worked on. It is a yucky feeling! I feel for you!