Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Little Update

Just a couple of cute shots of the kids from a trip to the park the other day. With everyone being sick I had to get out of the house for a while and it turned out to be a beautiful afternoon. Caden seems to be on the mend but we are still watching him like a hawk.

This morning Trace had his teeth pulled. He needed two eye teeth removed so the permanent ones could move into the correct position. Fortunately he has a much higher pain tolerance than Caden and we were in and out in an hour. I think he is actually bored sitting around here at home and he wanted to know what he could eat almost as soon as we got home! Such an easy kid he is sometimes.

Ms. P is asleep on the floor in front of the t.v. Again, I'm not lining up for any mother of the year awards here. With all the sickness and such she has seen entirely too much t.v. for any almost three year old. Apparently even she is beginning to think so.

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