Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Does the fun just never end?

Well sick husband is on the mend. Not being particularly demanding either, so I can't complain. Unfortunately I now have a sick kid. Actually he has been sick for a looong time and we are just now finally dealing with it. I took him to the ped in December for a persistent cough and congestion. The ped felt it was allergies so we tried Zyrtec, Benedryl, Triaminic, Robitussen, Delsym, Sudafed, etc, etc... nothing worked. Everyone was noticing how bad the cough sounded and it had reached the point it was waking him and me during the night. So yesterday I took him in to Urgent Care. That doctor feels he has an ongoing infection and gave us a three day antibiotic, heavy duty cough syrup and a nasal spray and the instructions that if he isn't improved by tomorrow we need to do x-rays and maybe an extra strong antibiotic. What fun! Trace is due to have his teeth pulled this week so the way I figure it I should come down with the flu right about then!

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