Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Angel Wings

Liddy earned her angel wings today. Most of you won't know who she was and I've only known of her a very short time. But her story touched my heart so deeply and opened my eyes to the reality of childhood cancer. I had come to believe that most kids who had cancer were cured. It's not true. Beautiful children, like Liddy are dying. Part of me is deeply sad and another part is angry. Why did this little girl survive in an orphanage in China long enough for her family to find her yet couldn't grow up in that family? Why? I am so glad to know that she is out of pain but I hurt for her mother whose dreams for her have been shattered. It is always a sad day when a child dies. Yet life still goes on. I pray that Liddy's family will be able to move on soon and have some peace in knowing she is no longer in pain.

It's just so unfare that that d_ _ned pain had to be there in the first place! It makes me so mad. I'm only writing this to remind you to give your kids an extra hug tonight. Hold them close, read that extra story, let them have a dish of ice cream before bed and remember tomorrow is no guarantee for any of us.


Ken and Jill Blattner said...

It's so true! With following Abby's story,and now a little boy named Cody. It breaks my heart. And truly makes me grateful for the time I have with my children. Miss you all.

Anonymous said...

If you want to do something to help our children you can raise money for desperately needed research into new treatment options. My son has neuroblastoma a deadly form of childhood cancer but we are fighjting back. See www.cookiesforkidscancer.org
I know Cody Johnson and his father Mickey personally as they are members of the Band of Parents. Cancer is the number one disease killer of children in our country!
Hold a bake sale, hold a hundred bake sales, buy cookies, donate to MSKCC and help them develop new antibodies. Please don't just feel bad. Take action..help us win.

Father of Liam