Monday, June 29, 2009

Conversations with a 3 year old!

So we were heading out for a day trip this last week. On our way over the bridge Paige asks where we are going. I pointed to the mountain and said, "do you see the mountain? We are going to drive right over it to the other side." Seeing her furrowed brow I almost immediately realized what that must sound like to a three year old so I added, "actually we are going to kind of go up around the side of it." She sat there for a minute looking out the window then says (in an 'are you stupid' kind of voice) "That doesn't look very safe." Well, no, it probably doesn't but somehow I think the point was lost by then!
Yesterday she was having fun playing 'Commando' with her brothers upstairs. They were all shrieking and yelling and shooting guns. I heard her say to Trace at one point that her name was Anna and she was Caden't daughter. Okayyyy.
We were finishing up dinner when she announces, "Anna is a real name. Paigey is just, just isn't real." Then she thrust her left hand out to me and says, "nice to meet you mom!" Trying not to laugh I replied (shaking her hand), "nice to meet you Paige." Ooops! I mean Anna.
So then we had a little talk about her Chinese name. After telling her her Chinese name she gave me a look like 'what kind of name is that?" Then she announced, "I don't want my Chinese name anymore." I asked her why not and said it was special and would always be her Chinese name no matter what. Her answer? "Because I just don't (want it)." Well, ok then.
Such a little pill. I am always trying to remember the things she says. Inevitably there is something she says everyday that makes us all pause and look at her and wonder where it came from!

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Jill said...

So much going on! Good job to blog it all! You are so good to take your kids to parks and such!!! I need to get on the ball! It was fun chatting today! We need to get together soon! Jeremy is all for the bigger trailer! YEAH...someday!