Thursday, June 25, 2009


There are a few things I need to clear up from the past couple of weeks. First of all I have NOT broken two cameras in the last month! (The second one just might be covered under warrenty - IF I had done that!) I did not allow my daughter to take a nap in jeans soaked in juice from her car seat just to keep her from waking up. It isn't possible that I filled all the kids bikes tires to go on a bike ride with them only to then discover my own was completely shot! I would never have left all their end of school papers all over (and under) the coffee table for over a week now. I would at least have read them. Ahem. There just isn't any way I would have spent Father's Day at IKEA and a park keeping my kids up waaay past their bedtimes because if I did then there certainly would be a good excuse! But finally, I definately did NOT go on a day trip with the family to an exciting place that we probably won't go to again for a very long time and forget my camera! I could never do that!

I am the perfect parent, don't you know? I watched a teenager load her infant into a car today and as a sign of my age I just shook my head and felt sorry for that poor baby. My brief thought was to wonder what kind of life he would have. Then I realized that my children don't exactly have the perfect life. No one does. So my thoughts changed to hoping that his mom was up to the challenge and hoping he has a chance at life. I'm constantly reminded of my age how much I've grown. Unfortunately it also reminds me of just how much older I've gotten!

Ahhh life. Isn't it grand?

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Confessions said...

To give you some hope: My brother was raised by a teenage mom, and when I came along she was only 21. Yes, we're not perfect kids and we have some issues to overcome, but who doesn't? I think we turned out ok. Another good friend of ours were teenage parents. They made some BIG mistakes and it took them a long time to get out of debt and land decent jobs, but their kids are amazing!!