Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Party #2 and #3!

Sunday rolls around with church in the morning. By 3:30 we were at another cousin's graduation party. Again, after more good food, visiting and fun for the kids were headed home. That time we got a little distracted on the way home looking at property for sale so we arrived home yet again at bedtime.
Party #3 was another cousin's birthday! Whew! It made three nights in a row that I didn't have to fix dinner though. This cousin lives on a Christmas tree farm (yes REAL trees for those of you in Illinois who laughed at us and our real tree!). So before we left Caden loaded up a portion of his arsenal to hand out to the other kids there. After that they pretty much dissapeared into the trees! So we visited, ate some more good food and finally headed home in time for -bed.

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