Sunday, June 07, 2009

Memories, misty water colored mem~~ories...

Of the way~ we were.

Life comes full circle. With Legos. We have wondered for years what ever happened to my Legos. Not my brother's Star Wars and other miscellaneous ones - but mine. For I had my own dollhouse of Legos. The kitchen, nursery, living room and bathroom. Complete with all the necessary accouterments - coffee pot, record player, drinking cups.
Today, digging in my brother's attic my mom came across them! Even still in the plastic container I had kept them in as a child! I also had apparently saved all the boxes for directions on putting them together. Who knew that thirty years later those might come in handy?
I suspect these might be worth something to somebody out there but to me they really are priceless. Even better though was watching my own daughter playing with them.

Throughout my life I have often tried to imagine what my daughter would look like. The only thing I always knew was that she'd have long hair. Often I dreamt of her playing on the floor, never able to make out a face - just the hair of varying colors.
This caught me off guard today as a picture of life coming full circle...

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Jill said...

That is awesome! I love it when my kids play with things that I used to, or when they wear clothes I used to. I bet she really likes those legos! I think they would be cool!