Friday, June 19, 2009

1st Day of Vacation...

We left Paige with Grandma and took the boys with us to the beach. The goal was to drop the trailer off and get it set up so the kids and I can go down anytime during the summer. It turned out to be a beautiful day (for the west coast!). We let the boys dig in the sand for about a half an hour then stopped at an old WWI/WWII Army Battery. Caden's dream! We've been there before but that makes no difference to them. It is an absolutely gorgeous site on a hillside of grassy hills overlooking the water. We made it home in time for bed and I think we were all exhausted!
That is the mouth of the Columbia River behind the boys. It is so wide right there that you can't see the other side in the picture. Caden loves going through all the old Battery's and asking a hundred times what each room was for. I personally hate going in them. They are wet and dark and generally really creepy.

The sand castle creation. They said it was Aslan's How from the Chronicles of Narnia.

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