Monday, July 06, 2009


I was in a bit of a hair slump recently until I found a new website. Paige's hair is a little tricky to do since it is so thin and has a few added short layers thanks to the little haircut she gave herself a while back. I got a lot of good ideas from this site though and I think the results have turned out pretty well so far. She is amazingly patient to let me do all this too!

"french braid headband to pony"

"butterfly braids"

"criss cross"

This picture should be titled "why we don't need any more stuffed animals!" It was actually a fortress that Caden built and this was the command center. I think the animals were either the guards or his army. Trace had a matching on in the living room but the pictures were too grainy. (still learning with the camera)


Anonymous said...

Your Grandma E would be SOOOO proud of you with all your fancy braiding of Paige's hair!! Remember how she used to French braid your's?

I'm amazed every time I see these complicated hairdos that you create. Nana

PageTurner said...

The pics r cute, but why do you want to put that your getting older on ur blog? That strikes me as a leetle wierd. Check out my
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