Sunday, July 26, 2009

House hunting can be hazardous to your health!

Who knew? So Rick and I decided to do some drive-by's before dragging the realtor with us again. The last house happened to be waaaay out there. Far enough that we were both laughing as the road seemed to go on forever. We finally found the place and it was empty so, of course, we decided to have a walk around. Well, unbeknownst to us a massive swarm of bees had set up residence under the old hot tub out back. To get to the upper deck you had to pass the hot tub on a little path that was about 2 feet wide. As I went past my hand brushed against my shorts and something hurt my knuckle - felt like a sliver or a thorn. I shook it off until Rick followed behind me a minute later. He hollered "ouch!" in the exact place that I did. As he hobbled onto the deck holding his calf I stood shaking my now stinging thumb. We were both totally confused until I decided to go back the way I had come and see what was there. That's when I discovered about 20 or more angry looking bees swarming in and out from under the corner of the hot tub. So there we were, me on the lawn and Rick on the upper deck. We started laughing again when Rick emphatically said he was not going past that hot tub again. Since there was no other way down he opted instead to go over the hot tub! Once he made it over we both made a beeline to the car (no pun intended - well, ok maybe a little). We collapsed into the car laughing and whining at the same time. I now know that the house is precisely 10 minutes from town and about 25 from the nearest hospital (no we didn't go there!). So we laughed at how stupid we were sitting there complaining about how bad our stings hurt and yet how amazingly fast and angry those buggers apparently were! Rick is convinced they were African Killer bees and I wouldn't be surprised if they were! Dang though we are a couple of babies! Here it is three hours later and Rick just took some Advil and is still icing his leg. My thumb seems to be doing much better than his leg either from not being stung as badly (?) or by nature of our genders - I'll just leave it at that. One thing is for sure though, if one of our kids ever gets stung I'm going to be the most sympathetic mom ever!

I tried to get a picture for this post but couldn't get a decent one and since I'm sure you are heartbroken over that you'll just have to imagine!

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Jill said...

I hate bee stings!!! On our trip to Port Townsend Nathan was attacked by bees and ended up with 8 bee stings, Makenna had one on her eye lid. STUPID bees! I am very sympathetic to stings! Now Nathan doesn't like to go outside in fear of bees!