Thursday, March 19, 2009

A spring walk

The kids and I went back to our favorite place to be from last summer. I had really wanted them to see the differences in nature from summer to winter/spring. It didn't disappoint. The pond that was completely dry had water in it, the "bridge for no reason" had water and mud flowing under it and most exciting was the creek itself. It was a little higher than the summer but mostly it was moving noticeably faster! We had fun throwing rocks and sticks in and the boys loved to see how fast their sticks disappeared. Paige was tired (OK exhausted) but managed to walk almost the entire time which is a huge improvement from 6 months ago. We were only able to spend an hour but it just amazes me that these kids who are bored in our own backyard could spend hours there! It is definitely a bit bigger than our backyard though - but not too much farther away thank goodness. Everyone slept well last night!
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