Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Can I brag a minute?

Of course I can, it's my blog! Ha! Before Trace was born we had talked about and agreed on limiting t.v. and movie selections to enable our children to grow more in accordance with biblical teachings. That's not to say they could only watch Bible shows, just that we didn't want them watching things involving witchcraft and sorcery or encouraging un-Christian attitudes. Naturally as they grow we have to revise what is allowed and what isn't based on their maturity and understanding. Trace was recently allowed a show he has wanted to watch for years simply because he has shown us he is ready and understands the difference between fantasy and reality. Caden won't be allowed to see it for a few more years. Both boys are dying for the day they turn 13 so they can see Star Wars III which was rated p.g 13. Most all of their friends have seen it but we felt that it was a little graphic and there was no reason to allow it while they are still so young. In time they will obviously be allowed to make their own decisions, and Trace is getting more leeway already, but we hope to guide them slowly as they grow. All that is background to what I'm really getting at though. When we moved from Illinois Trace was disappointed to find that the kids out here didn't trade and collect baseball/football cards. Instead Pokemon was the thing. Unfortunately that was something we had said no to. That was hard because he wanted to fit in but eventually he discovered that not ALL the kids were allowed Pokemon. In fact, the ones he most wanted to be friends with were the ones who didn't really like them. With time that has mostly resolved. The next biggie was a computer game. Supposedly, ALL the kids played it. Trace had gone so far as to pretend he had an account so he could fit in to the conversations. We had several tearful talks about this. When Rick and I spent some time on the Internet researching (and Rick even played it one evening) we only felt more strongly that it was not appropriate and were even a bit appalled that so many of the other kid's parents allowed it. We had to stand firm but we did allow him to play Pirates of the Caribbean on Disney which he really liked. Well, Monday Trace came home from school really excited because he had talked one of his friends into trying Pirates and now that was all the other boy wanted to talk about. He told Trace it was way better than Runescape! Naturally they piqued the interest of the other boys and last night one of them called Trace to get help setting up an account. They played together for 15 minutes or so and the other boy was loving it. I was making dinner in the kitchen with the best feeling inside. Not only was it a wonderful lesson for Trace on sticking by your beliefs and doing the right thing, but it was also confirmation for me as a parent that we are teaching them the right things. Not often in this life will you see the benefits of taking the more difficult path. I am so grateful for this chance and what it has done for Trace!

On a completely different note... Look at the difference in the boys legs in that picture! Holy Cow! I really can't see Caden's legs ever being that thick - let alone in only three years! Talk about different as night and day.
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