Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Break Kickoff...

The first trip to the beach this year turned out to be quite cold but lots of fun. The kids and I left Friday night and were followed by an Aunt and Uncle and cousins. Saturday evening Rick made it down. It was an early clam tide which Paige and I didn't participate in but the boys loved! On the second day Trace even cought his limit! I felt bad for them on Saturday morning though - it was really cold and stormy. They all came back drenched! Sunday was very pretty but with strong wind which brought its own problems! As usual it wasn't quite long enough but typical of the West coast the cold and rain drove us home anyway! Maybe by August it will actually be warm on the beach and if we're REALLY lucky it won't be windy!
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Jill said...

Lots of cold windy fun! Cute pictures of the kids! I love that Paige hates the cold and wind! We are debating a day trip to the beach for spring break?!?