Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Paige is ready for "pee-school". She found a pair of kid scissors the other day so I sat her down with some junk mail and let her go to town. I never showed her how to use them, she just figured it out - probably from watching us in the past, but still! Of course now I have to keep all scissors out of reach now that she has discovered the joy of cutting things up.

As for the rest of us...
We are all doing fine. Everyone is healthy for the time being and all extracurricular activities are done for now! I'm hoping that will give us all the chance for some down time. I fear though that it is just going to allow more time for the boys to figure out ways to torture each other. Guess I'll need to have a few things in mind to do. I know it is perfectly normal for them to argue with each other but what really gets to me is when they start in on their THREE YEAR OLD sister! Especially watching a ten year old harass a three year old - seriously. She isn't exactly innocent though. I will give them that. One of her favorite pass times is to stand in front of the t.v. when they are watching it or playing the Wii. That really gets their goat - every time - and she knows it! Clearly they are bored but the other problem is that I can't get them to go anywhere either. If I mention going out they immediately start the groaning and whining and begging to have Grandma come over so they can stay home. So, does anyone have any great ideas for entertaining bored kids? (oh-yeah, it can't cost any money - makes it a little harder doesn't it?) Maybe it's time to pull out the list I made last summer?

Rick is continuing to fly. So far we have been so blessed with no furlow! We re just praying that that holds out. Since he has been with the company for 9 years we don't know what they would do with him if they furlow pilots (he only has one year in that position). It could get interesting. I just pray it doesn't become an issue.

That's kind of it for now. Not much I guess we are back into a boring phase!
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