Monday, March 16, 2009

Every day

for this entire school year this is what I see when the boys get home. Those sweatshirts have been loved to death! Unfortunately I don't think Traces' will survive to be handed down to Caden like the one he is wearing. These were a gift from my second cousin and his wife (Thank you Rob and Bonnie!) who live in Seattle. They sent them several years ago and they were far too big at the time, but eventually Trace grew into the smaller one and now Caden has. They rarely get to see us but have always been so generous in sending the kids something at Christmas. It's my only tie to that side of the family and I really appreciate them. It just always makes me smile to see them get off the bus - you know they are brothers.

Now for those of you who are looking into the background of this picture -I know you are! That is NOT our driveway, it's not even our street. It is a couple blocks from our house and not representative of the whole neighborhood! No, we don't live next door to the Beverly Hillbillies!
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